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Wedding Dresses for the Kibbe Body Types!!

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  1. karen g.

    I have a question, you said that R and TR could wear SG lines can SG wear some R and / or TR line and still look good? because that could explain why some people torn between TR and SG have a problem deciding even when trying outfits (I do ahah)
    Also there are R/TR things and G/SG things I can’t see myself wear
    For ex I personally don’t like peter pan collar too childish imo and I already look younger than I am so adding that king of collar or too much ruffles (which is more of a R thing) isn’t flattering me and doesn’t fit my personal style.

  2. Alexis Snazz

    Dramatic 2:16
    Soft Dramatic 4:43
    Gamine 6:36
    Soft Gamine 8:39
    Theatrical Romantic 11:35
    Romantic 12:32
    Classic 13:40
    Dramatic Classic 14:30
    15:36 Soft Classic
    16:33 Natural
    17:13 Soft Natural
    18:08 Flamboyant Natural

    1. Sunniva Meyer

      I agree. I am pretty sure I am a romantic (I got mostly D’s and E’s on my test, with the occasional C, no A or Bs), but I think I look childish with the kind of details suggested for romantics. I have therefore wondered whether I rather am soft classic, but the suggestions for soft classic seem not fitted enough /too structured for me. I think I look my best in clothes that could be used by both romantics and (soft) classics.

    2. Liz Smith

      Pure romantic is hard to dress, for me at least it’s hard to determine what would be pure romantic and what would push to far over into soft natural territory. A pure romantic video would be great!

  3. S C

    Can you make a video about how dramatics can be soft? Or feminine? The whole masculine, edgy style of dramatics is so tiring and I guess it wouldn’t fit everyone’s personality. What a dramatic women who feels very feminine supposed to do? Or who wants wear more traditional things? Thanks for the video btw!

  4. Tash *

    You mention how a romantic or theatrical romantic can go soft gamine/gamine to look more womanly. I would love to see you expand on this comment, and show examples as well. Perhaps as a parallel to your “Break Kibbe’s Rules” video for more yin looking people wanting to look more badass. 🙂Thanks for your content.

    1. lina lou

      @H aladin i totally get what you mean but there is nothing wrong with trying to look sexy…
      Also if you want to look more edgy look for chlothes that still show of some of your figure but have sth like horizontal stripes /maybe even stiff fabric etc. or colour contrast…
      ( excuse my english;)

  5. ScarletRose86

    The soft gamine dresses literally made me gasp. Especially the first girl with the bangs. My dream dress. I got married in an SD cupcake dress and always regretted it, but never knew why.

  6. Claire Kurdelak

    Great job. I think it’s cool that my sister and I chose great dresses for our lines, by instinct! I now know why I like certain things, why certain lines work. I am a new fan of yours and an old fan of AlyArt. Love this framework!

    1. Rayna Tumbeva

      Well, in my opinion the key is not to wear X piece but to combine the lines to match your type. It might sound hard but gives you the most freedom. So basically look for softened dramatic lines and romantic lines.

    2. Pr0fessorScience

      @MJade it was by Tripp NYC. They had one that was kind of similar to the one I loved the last time I checked the website, but they were out of it in my size and sadly it looked like it was cut a little longer than I’d want it to be anyway 🙁

    3. Pr0fessorScience

      I’m soft natural, too, and I like to dress edgy. It can be tricky since “edgy” is usually associated more with dramatic lines, and I don’t know about you but I really can’t pull off things that are so narrowly angular.

      I did find a really great moto jacket a while back made of a thick cotton, so it held its shape but had enough stretch to move with my body instead of around it. It was cut exactly to my waist, so it emphasized my hips more and helped balance out my shoulders/ bust. Unfortunately I wore it out and I haven’t been able to find a replacement (I’ve been looking desperately for over a year now). But I used to wear it with ripped mom jeans to widen my hips and a drapey t-shirt. With the right shoes and jewelry, that kind of mix definitely looks edgy.

      So I guess the overall advice would be to look for pieces that have an edgy feeling (moto jacket, ripped jeans) but that account for your body shape (softer material, drapier cut, slim shoulders, added material around hips/butt). Since soft natural and soft dramatic can sometimes share cuts, another technique might be to mix soft natural pieces with edgy pieces cut for a soft dramatic, since they’ll probably be easier to find than edgy pieces cut for a soft natural.

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