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  1. Bree A.

    LOVE all the dresses in this video. I just purchased my dress recently, and I agree – I found so many dresses were SO expensive. Thankfully I got mine at a really reasonable price, but still – it was a bit stressful seeing all the costs!

  2. Abbie Lunsford

    This is a great video! I love that you were thinking about your followers and the price points were more reasonable then some videos!!!! Love you taste too! Can’t wait to see how you look on your wedding day💜

  3. Heather Holder Hill

    I’ve been married for 4 years and I regret my dress so much. Even though everyone at my wedding loved it, the minute I tried it on at my first fitting I burst into tears. I knew I already had too much money in to back out and I felt so stuck. If I could go back, I would choose something like the Heather gown you have here (and it’s my name, lol). All in all I got married and it was wonderful and perfect but damn if I still wish I had chosen a different dress.

    1. Shelbey Wilson

      Heather Holder Hill oh no! I actually went home and thought about mine and also tried on other dresses in between but I just felt like nothing compared so I went back and chose it. There was a lot of pressure though because I had anxiety I might see one I liked better haha

  4. Haley Bateman

    My wedding day is February 20th of this year, I got my dress from Alfred Angelo. It’s the Disney collection in “sleeping beauty” . It was on clearance and I got it for $450!! It was originally like $1,300. Please do a decor video too. I’ve got almost everything done but need some more ideas!!

    1. Shelbey Wilson

      Simple boho dresses are very popular here. My personal style is very refined and classic which would explain why I chose these dresses. It’s also hard to find affordable gowns with a lot of material (ex. ball gowns or mermaid) that don’t look cheap. I guess I don’t attend many “evening events” where dresses like these would be worn. I see them as a timeless pick for a classic bride.

    2. Shelbey Wilson

      Debbie Vidal There is no certain classification for what a wedding gown should or shouldn’t look like. Not everyone is looking for a traditional ball gown/mermaid/strapless dress.

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