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  1. X Factor

    Wow Yami. Looking really pretty & gorgeous.Really good job.Keep going.But why wearing such a big top.Be more bold& show your sexy belly too.You are a bold 21st century girl,so don’t feel shy to dress up like that.While doing gym, exercise it’s quite obvious to wear open dresses.You can’t expect a girl wearing Saree,Burka or salwar suit while doing gym,exercise as it’s very uncomfortable.So make your many bold workout videos in revealing shorts,bikinis as this will not only give you comfort in exercise but also promote women empowerment because in our male dominant society there are lots of restrictions on girls and many girls are not allowed to wear as per their liking.These types of girls feel shame&hesitate in exposure.Even then they get prey of eve teasing&silently tolerate such rubbish things and can’t reply anything to teasers.Seeing you in bold dresses in abundance I.e.all the time or usually,they will also get motivation,dare & start wearing bold dresses which will definitely increase their self confidence consequently their dare to oppose those boys/teasers.This will definitely a boon for women empowerment.So plz do such things in abundance without any shyness/hesitation.

    1. Anupam Kohli

      @Abd Champ yes dear.Offcourse.She must wear bikini.There is no harm in wearing bikini while doing exercise as it’s quite comfortable.Now a days bikini is an official dress not a prohibited dress.See in Vietnam based Airlines Official dress of Air hoistess too is ‘Bikini’ and this airlines has recently announced to start its services between New Delhi to Vietnam.
      यानी अब भारत में भी खुलेआम एयर हॉस्टेस बिकिनी पहने नजर आएंगी। जो साहस(बिकिनी पहनकर घूमने का)कुछ समय पूर्व तक बहुत कम लड़कियाँ ही कर पाती थीं,वह अब समय के बदलाव के साथ बहुत ही आम हो चुका है।

  2. Freelancer Advocate

    Go ahead Yami.U R Women’s pride.With your boldness You have shut the mouths of men saying women ‘Abla Nari’.Don’t hesitate at all in such scenes rather do it more boldly by reducing the size of your deess to show your sexy navel,back & cleavage.Time is changed now.people have been much forwarded&such bold dresses are in huge demand&are worn by common girls too.Rememer those who object such dressess&call it ‘Vulgur’ also download&watch these type of videos in private and enjoy.

    1. Anupam Kohli

      @Abd Champ off course.Ye sab chizen ab common ho chuki h.Kal tk jise ashlil bola jata tha like Live In Relationship,Samlaingikta,Vivahettar sambandh etc vo sab ab Sarkar dwara legal kiya ja chuka h.Lekin yahan agr baat ladkiyon k chote kapdon ki ki jaye to isme burai bhi kya h? Unki marzi vo jaise chahe kapde pahne ya utarne.Koi kaun hota h unhe rokne tokne wala?

    2. Anupam Kohli

      @Abd Champ yes dear.Wearing panty only on roads is not a big deal now a days in film industry.ye sab khulapan aajkal ka trend h.Aajkal ki aisi hi modern sonch wali kuch bold ladkiyon Poonam Pandey&Rakul Preet singh ka example dekhiye jo khuleaam roads pr sirf panty pahankar chalti h- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cA3Lm1Cr5hs
      Ab agar ise koi galat kahe to kahta rahe,usse aisi azad sonch wali ladkiyon pr kya fark padega.Darsal dosh uske(poonam ya Ananya pandey ) k kapdon me nhi balki kuch dakiyanusi ladkon/purushon ki nazar me h jo ladkiyon ko khulkar jeene hi nahin dena chahte h.Yahan Poonam&Rakul ne to fir bhi thodi sharm dikhayi h is video me aur kam se kam kamar k upar shirt pahni hui h jisse cleavage dikhne ka Koi chance hi nhi h.Lekin Bahut si bold ladkiyan to niche short panty&upar sirf bikini pahAnkr roads pr nikalti h aur ye sab Kisi doosre desh me nhi balki apne desh Bharat me hi hota h.ye dekhiye ek common ladki ka example jo itni badi celebrity poonam pandey se bhi kai falang aage h 
      Aur suniye ye to kuch bhi nhi h bahut si ladkiyan to isse bhi aage h.Bihar side to ladkiyan full nude hokar stage pr perform karti h,aur desh k kai chote bade shehron ki modern sonch wali ladkiyan khud nude hokar apne videos banakr unhe social media,internet etc par viral karti h.aap khud hi youtube ya x videos pr aise videos dekh skte h.Ye modern jamana h dear.Yahan ye sab common ho chuka h ab apne Bharat desh me.isiliye main apko aur anya sabhi ko yahi advise de rha hun ki Thoda bahar aakar dekhiye kya-2 ho rha h desh me aur samaj me aaye is pariwartan ko sahriday sweekar kijiye qki yahi samay ki mang h.Samay k Sath agr nhi chalenge to pichad jayenge.

  3. vipin sharma

    tum media waalo ne besti krvaa rkhi hai… tum hi jism dikhaane waalo ke rate high krte ho…. jb koi ghaiya si film ki promotion krni hoti tbh yeh 2 kodi ke celebrity aam.insaan ke talve chaatte hai…

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