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Zivame Bra Shopping Try On Haul for heavy bust size / Top 5 bras for heavy bust size

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Zivame Bra Shopping Try On Haul for heavy bust size / Top 5 bras for heavy bust size

Lipstick I am wearing:

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Minimiser bra pink:

Sag lift bra navy blue:

Super support bra:

Tshirt bra red:

Minimiser bra skin:

Luxe lace bra:

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  1. Paresh Ghole

    loved the Zivame haul for heavy breasts very useful well reviewed loved it, loved all bras liked minimiser bras nude and pink colours, tshirt bra red, sag lift bra blue, supper support bra wine colour, and specially beautiful luxe lace bra lavender colour, plz suggest for heavy breasts which bras are more comfortable wired or nonwired, padded or non padded, pushup, full coverage or bralettes apart from these bras in this video reply ? having problem of front spillage, back bulging and breasts bounce problem plz suggest how to tackle these problems and are these bras avoid these problems reply ??

    1. Paresh Ghole

      @Look Gorgeous Vartika Thanks very much for ur useful suggestion was really confused will use minimiser bras more but plz recommend should i go for higher cup size 42DD to avoid these problems reply bcoz we both are having same problems ?? but also liked these bras too, strapless, bralettes, lace bras for certain outfits replyy??

    2. Paresh Ghole

      @Look Gorgeous thanks for useful suggestion will try minimiser bras but confused actually bra size is 42D having very heavy breasts having major problem of front spillage, side and back bulging and its very hurting with heavy breasts bounce problem also, how about these bras also strapless, backless, lace bras, bralettes loved these bras also but plz suggest more bras for 42D Size and also avoid these problems and how to overcome these problems reply ? or plz suggest should go for higher cup size bra size 42D to 42DD ?? reply.

  2. Priya Priya

    How does return process in zivame works? Like the packaging is discreet. But when the delivery agent picks return, will it be checked ? It would be good if the privacy is followed in return exchange process

  3. Jaya anand gaurav

    There are so many videos about bras for small bust….it’s always a task for females with heavy bust to find the best one for them….thanks for making video about it…. ladies bra is a very important part of our attire ND it really boost up the confidence if you wearing the right one…❤️❤️ Don’t be shy about your body n flaunt it the right way.

  4. Priyaanka Das

    This video is awesome and I have ordered all your recommended bras and thank you so much for making this video as this is something for all curvy girl and you have covered everything in this video . Keep the good work !! Much ♥️♥️♥️

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