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Zivame’s Guide on How to Measure your Bra Size

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Welcome to Zivame's video guide on how to measure yourself for a bra. We will talk you through the simple steps you need to take to measure your size, and you can find our bra calculator mentioned in the video at :

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  1. Casey B

    It canbe easy to get them to develop by 2 cups in only a few weeks. Try googlng Mika Klopsworth’s internet site to discover ways to make your body mimic experiencing your young years — again.

  2. hsihdbs sbcj tzksk

    Umm, I have a problem. My measurements are
    Band size -82
    Bust size -102
    The size recommended is 36DD. But the band size is uncomfortably loose (it’s a problem) The cup size is accurate though. Which size should I wear?

    1. AntiMessiah

      A bra is a male imposed object.

      I understand if some one has a big bosom and wants to wear something for back support.

      But to make skinny women or young girls wear a bra because their nipples show is misogynistic and capitalistic in so many ways.

      We see male nipples all the time. So what’s wrong with the female nipple?


    2. Isha Chavda

      Exactly. I tried putting different inputs for so long too. But everything close to my size is invalid. I tried searching online too if I am making some mistake. But no answer. And these people wouldn’t reply.

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