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17 Clothing Problems Women Know Too Well

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The struggle is real.
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    1. Nobody

      @Yo Momma A) they already carry purses – not much difference there, you still need to carry something
      B) again, need to carry something
      C) doesn’t always fit the occasion – if it’s hot outside you don’t want extra clothes, and depending on the kind of sweater or hoodie, it’s not appropriate for work/going out/etc.
      D) you still, almost always, need to have your wallet, phone, and keys. with no pockets, you’d have to carry it all in your hands. not exactly a solution.

    2. Merculyra Asteroth

      Well Im a guy that wears girl jeans and I have methods of my own…
      A) Carry a plastic bag for shopping
      B) wear a backpack or knapsack for school or wherever really
      C) wear a sweater or hoodie with pockets
      D) dont carry much or anything at all.
      I dont know maybe girls can use my methods too if you girls dont like purses.

    1. Samantha Mulder

      Octopus Of Destruction i have a very heavy flow, and use a diva cup. When correctly placed and suctioned, it’s still full in 4-5 hours though it’s meant for 12. It doesn’t go well with sleeping. And at school i always have a pad as backup but they can overflow as well

    1. firebaby7

      @AngelofHogwarts yeah that’s normal…. also normal to have a brownish discharge the day after your period’s done… it’s just old, dried blood… your body naturally cleans it out…

    1. J Applic

      @bcmangawre7 a lot of the time it is a sign of a budding lesbian. I did hear one former tomboy say that she was trying to be like the boys cuz she wanted to be closer to them and accepted by them.

    1. Nicole Kramar

      I don’t like white pants cause I’m scared someone will see my panties, cause my friend wears white pants most of the time and I tell her but she’s just like “Nah all white pants are like that, and I like white pants”

  1. howtopasstime

    I want to make this clear. Sometimes, girls dress to impress guys and compliment their body figure. Most times, they either do it to impress girls with the new trends, or they dress because they WANT TO.

    1. maria p

      That’s kind of true about competition. I think people in general like to feel like they either fit in, or look better. Doesn’t have to be romantic competition. Most of the time is a self worth kind of thing.
      There are a few exceptions though.

  2. MiWFReaK

    Wow does such  a simple video have to be so controversial. Just simple things that girls can relate to. I don’t think that the video is saying that we CARE a lot about these problems or that they happen all the time, but majority of these have happened to me so watching was kind like, “Oh, yeah, that happened to me before.” I wasn’t thinking in my mind, “Oh… the hardships of getting dressed as a woman.” And If I was I’d be joking or purposely dramatizing it. So please not. And for people who are saying that we care to much about our clothes and shoes. I can say that I just like change and feeling great about myself. Most people probably don’t even notice what shoes I am wearing, but I do and I love them. So yeah, I have more than 2 shoes in my closet and yes, I want more!

    1. MiWFReaK

      @Idontlikeyouropinion. at all Well, if that’s how you feel than clicking on this video was pointless since it specifies that this video is about Women and even then, it’s really not worth arguing out. 

    1. Fire Hielo

      I haven’t shaved my legs in 10 months and it’s not problem but I don’t hate people who do shave I just don’t like shaving because, 1 it takes time, 2 it feels itchy, 3 I don’t have to risk cutting myself every time.

    1. K Hansen

      @Immaculate Njeri I have’t talked With her for couple of years now, not sure if she’s stil lthe same girl I knew, but Yeah she was awesome! Though I told you, she was ultra lazy, more then me, and I am the laziest girl I knew xD. She hated going out, and didn’t need to Train cause she had slender body… Since if a girl stays in most of the time will she forget to put on a bra if she ever got out…

  3. lenny cooldridge

    bra wire poking you, strapless bras in general, halter tops (bra straps showing), leggings being see-through in the butt, getting makeup stains on your shirt, … i also have problems with tank-tops falling too low

    1. Sleep Forever

      Over at leggings as pants all the time, you just have to buy good quality ones that are thicker and completely opaque, like from American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, they’re more expensive but you’re paying for quality

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