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Banned: Girls Can’t Wear Yoga Pants to School

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The fashion choice of girls students at a local high school has led to complaints by some students and members of the faculty.

The pants are close-fitting and those raising the concerns argued that they are too revealing.

Those girls were told to change clothes and many did but Legg said seveteen chose not to.

"We ended up in 'in-school' suspension for most of the day and weren't allowed to go to any of our classes," said Legg.

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    1. Huge Disappointment

      Darude Sandstorm infact my school uses school, uniforms in America
      Only khakis and red white and blue shirts guys just have to wear short sleeves girls choose which kind short sleeve or long sleeve

  1. Precisionmetalheadx

    Women’s clothing as style changes gets tighter and more revealing. It’s what’s in fashion and the designers don’t care that what they designed is for an adult woman.

    The problem is this and I will give an example for the other side to prove it’s validity.

    Yoga pants and extreme form fitting around the genitals and the buttocks. Because they are in fashion no one sees anything wrong with them

    Now let’s say biker shorts were in fashion for men. Would all you ladies like to see guys junk bunched up on those tight fitting clothing? Some would and it would be extremely distracting for young ladies and female teachers. You would complain like crazy.

    School is a learning institution and it’s where you learn things about yourself. Not what’s in style and how can we push the envelope.

    1. F-zero91maru


      me too, many women/girls showing off asses wedgies cameltoes/V shapes, glad it’s a fashion in erotica, they wear them as casual pants, going at restaurants shopping and errands.

  2. MrWestcoast45

    Man, i went to school in the late 80’s early 90’s…..loose baggy pants, sweaters is pretty much what the ladies wore then….shorts instead of spandex when they played volleyball……

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