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20 Brides On My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Who Need To Learn Less Is More

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20 Worst Weddings Dresses From My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

If you want to see bridal fashion fail on an epic scale, then you only need to tune in to “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.” Or watch our video to see the best of the worst. These wedding dresses are the biggest, brightest and tackiest gowns you’ll ever see. Just wait until you hear how much Rebekah Markham’s gown weighed.

Sondra Celli designs the bridal gowns on “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” and lets the brides come up with crazy ideas. Like shells. And coins. And gothic spikes. It’s not just the shocking wedding gowns that will have your jaw dropping, it’s the bridesmaids too. Like a bevy of burlesque bridesmaids to rival the “Lady Marmalade” video.

Watch our TheTalko video to see 20 brides on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” who need to learn less is more, and tell us in comments which one you think had the most outrageous wedding dress.

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    1. Laura Williams

      @sang dang I think Michelle was saying 1 lady makes these gowns as in 1 store sells these types of gowns. I’m sure she didn’t mean Sondra makes the gown all by herself especially since you see women working on the gowns during the show.

    1. PixelThe SpacePrincess

      Because the dress is and important part of Romani culture it’s shows off the bride ect and they spend money on the dress as it has to be more elaborate than other people’s

    2. amber hall

      shortishperson usually the girls in the show say stuff like “this dress is the most important part of the wedding” and stuff like that because they want to make the dress the focal point of the wedding and i think it might be like to show wealth or something im not sure so dont quote me on that last part

    1. Proud Military Brat

      Shandra made another one like that with roses. It was delivered to the bride in a temperature controlled truck, but when they opened the truck door, most of them had wilted and were falling off. She had to fly to the wedding location with every person she has working for her and replace the roses. She couldn’t find a florist with the amount of roses she needed, so she ended up buying out every florist within a 50 mile radius.

  1. Maria Palalau

    Please, do not confuse Romanian people with Rromani people 🙂 it s another culture, another beliefs, history, other ancestors. Maybe we live together, but 90% of us have another point of view about life

    1. Maria Palalau

      Alexandra Maria yeah, I agree with you, but as long as I go to school with a teen gypsy or stay next to a gypsy person in the bus, I like to think we live together, not emotional and other ethical stuff maybe, but we all live under the same rules and bounderis and we are human. And other conuntries tend to confuse us wtih their people so, yeah, isn t that nice

  2. Citronnelle

    Is it weird that I found over half of those dresses actually really interesting and pretty? Maybe not something I would go for myself, but if you’re going to have a fancy party you’re going to need a fancy dress.

  3. lisa lee Mitchell

    I’m a gypsy and I’ve never seen anyone in my culture wear these dresses I’ve been to 100 gypsy weddings and the brides always wear white ordinary dresses not like any of these

    1. Anni Carlsson

      Well cheap dresses fake crystals what ever they call it. Real crystals look different butbit sound expensive. It fast saw together in a dat or so and just made to last Hopefully through the party and not fall in parts. Not that expensive in cheapest fabric you can find but they make it sound expensive for the girls so they like it

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