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Women’s Clothing & Accessories : How to Wear a Sexy Corset

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A corset can allow a woman to be both tasteful and sexy at the same time. Learn about wearing corsets with help from an image consultant in this free video on women's clothing and wearing a sexy corset.

Expert: Susan Bigsby
Contact: www.SusanBigsby.com
Bio: Susan Bigsby is an image consultant who is a frequent guest on NBC and a quotable source in the national press.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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  1. Abby Normal

    @vrjonas (If you want tips on the right fit message me.) If you do wear it put a jacket or sweater over it. (Makes it more work like.) If you end up liking your corset under busts are great over button downs. Plus sheer tops over plain corsets are great. Just remember corsets lift the chest, make the waist smaller, make your posture more straight and do not allow for bending at the waist. They also make it so you eat smaller sizes and your walk maybe become shorter.

  2. Abby Normal

    @vrjonas I would not wear one in professional situations just due to the fact corsets tend to be more sexy. also steel ones do not allow you to bend at the waist. If you are in a very high end fashion job it might be a tad more okay. If you do wear it, don;t tight lace it to much. (That will make eating hard.) Also don;t wear it to lose or it will feel awkward.

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