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Beautiful Wedding Gowns: Perfect For an Outdoor Summer Wedding

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We already showed you the best gowns for a destination wedding, now we're highlighting three perfect gowns for an outdoor or garden wedding. For today's Currently Trending, we headed to Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in NYC and picked out three totally different gowns with romantic, whimsical touches that will look lovely in an outdoor setting. Whether you're a girl who prefers feminine details, dramatic silhouettes, or ethereal gowns, we've got a dress fit to please every bride-to-be! On Allison McNamara: Armani Exchange dress.

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  1. Rupu Barua

    I really liked showing the dresses to my girlfriend and she loves watching your videos…I just wish the model wouldn’t move so much, it makes it hard to see the details. Thank you for your videos 😀

  2. salahhe Sali

    Dresses look gorgeous but honestly, I wouldn’t wear one of those outside, in one hour they will be dirty and green on the hem. Disgusting and such a shame. Because they are just so gorgeous…

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