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BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 (Zara, Topman, New Look, Legend London)

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BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 (Zara, Topman, New Look, Legend London)

All of the Jeans👇🏽
New Look Men –
Zara Man –
Legend London –
Topman –

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  1. John Francis

    You’re probably not gonna believe this… but after watching your video today…. I bought two pairs of skinny jeans and a hooded jumper from H&M. I’m not sure if skinny jeans really fit me and I’m not sure I’ll be confident enough to wear them…. but we’ll see!!! You’re like my style guru 😂😂😂 (even if I’m 42!!!)….bi think it’s a mid life thing…. 😂😂😂

  2. skincarewiththanos

    Josh Sullivan
    hi from skg Greece your subscriber :))))) like video very nice end handsome guy 🙂 I hope to be in fashion and in 2019 winder them skinny jeans 🙂 perfect video .

  3. maria felix moran benavides

    i really love skinny jeans , even more tight! 🙂 beause it makes me feel more manly and attractive for women and do not pay attention to those ignorant people who say that everything is gay ! (really they say gay to everything !! even in football! ) skinny jeans girly?? , and what they want men to wear?? a dress?? that would be really girly ! in my country in mexico, men prefere pants more tight because here we consider that kind of pants like macho style 🙂

  4. Scoopa

    I have long and slim legs and I love wearing skinny jeans! When I bought them for the first time it was a recommendation by a girl working at the store (so not gay I guess?!), I tried them out and they fitted really well + skinny jeans are the most comfortable jeans I ‘ve ever worn, srsly!


    You sir deserve more subscribers! I’ve been looking for some good fitting jeans for who the hell knows how long!!! do comment if anyone else got some good skinny jean sites that are of good quality, and are actually like the pictures they are in.

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