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Best Fitting JEANS For Men in 2018 ( Slim vs. Skinny vs. Super Skinny)

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What are the best fitting jeans for men? In this video I compare slim, skinny and super skinny jeans for guys in 2018.

My Favourite Jeans:

Legend London –
Asos –
Pull & Bear –
Topman –

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  1. Robert Buado

    It’s interesting how the subject of clothes,jeans in particular is enough to raise a discussion and get people’s minds going…😀
    Shoutout to Josh Sullivan for not even trying too hard to get that to happen…🙌

    1. Nick+


      Don’t get the new fad of super skinny, they look like leggings and make everyone’s arse look huge in comparison to legs, even for blokes who are in shape. Make people’s body shape look more wide around the middle like the pear.

  2. Graham Jefferson

    Good tips! However I’d at least try super skinny on if you’re a very skinny guy. I get super skinny in a shorter length, as I’m about 5’8″ (1.73 meters) and weigh about 120-125lbs (~55kg). The result is a closer-to-standard skinny look like the second pair you showed. If I had arms and shoulders much bigger than my legs, I would definitely consider regular skinny jeans because I’d look peg-leggy and top heavy otherwise! 😅
    Edit: I also live in Chicago, and denim fits in the US tend to be a bit less fitted in general.

  3. kidofdarkness_

    Some time ago I would have been that guy that says skinny and super skinny fit are gay af, feminine but now I just think its ridiculous (my manly 210lb idol Tim Lambesis in his skinny black levis jeans helped me to understand that lmao) cause they are comfortable af in comparison to regular or even most of my slim fit jeans. Its so good to walk in jeans when theyre stretchy and tight especially at the bottom cause I hated it how there was always a lot of excessive material at my calves. Woman also wear tight jeans and it looks good, it compliments the body – so why shouldn’t we do the same?

  4. TerrBerr84

    The key to a slim fit is to get them tailored. I personally wear mostly skinny and slim – I wouldn’t recommend anyone actually wear super skinny. Sartorially, they’re just kind of inappropriate. We need a jean we can dress up. Slim and skinny fits come in all varieties of stretch also, but I think it’s about where one shops, I’m in the US so we have lots of options.

    1. Style With Altitude

      Levi’s has a great variety of different cuts and fits in Jean’s. What kind of fit are you looking for? A slim is a good place to start with the 511 slim Levi’s or a bit snuger with the 510 skinny jeans. Depends on your body type and what your style is.

  5. JeSko S2

    I am 5ft10 and slender build, so if i wear anything else then skinny i look very short while i’m not really that short at al. So skinny is the way to go for me, everyone i know likes it on me🤷🏻‍♂️

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