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Best Yoga Pants – Yoga Fashion Forecast: Fall/Winter

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Best yoga pants for Fall/Winter 2014. In this quick video review I show the yoga clothing trends that are "out" and "in," plus tons of recommendations of my favorite brands to shop. **15% off Designing Your Own Yoga Pants** with Code BrettYoga15 at Belmaica

If you're into yoga clothes and yoga pants and want to expand your wardrobe beyond Lululemon to know what other yoga apparel is out there, this is a must watch 🙂

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Hi, I'm Brett Larkin. This is Yoga and Meditation TV, and this is my Fall 2014 Yoga Fashion Forecast
So I'm not a fashionista by any means; I know nothing about normal clothes and normal fashion. But when it comes to yoga clothes, I shop online for yoga clothes probably more than any woman on the planet, and I feel like I know a lot about the different trends that I see each season.

What I'm seeing is that neon colored yoga pants, which were so popular in 2013 and also a little bit this spring and summer, are actually out now and over. And I'm seeing moving towards black and grays, and also leather; leather lace materials, in yoga pants, that you normally wouldn't find in yoga pants.

So again, leather strips down the sides, sheer cutouts in the legs or in the back of the legs; little lacy details that make the yoga clothes just a little bit more sexy, is what I'm seeing for this season.
Carbon38 is a yoga clothing company that started slamming me with Facebook ads and, absolutely, I love them. I went and checked out all their stuff. They are really onto this almost like a more [bar method 01:15] look when it comes to your yoga and work out gear, again, making it really sexy and making parts of it sheer, adding in laced leather, lots of black and whites — if you even look at what Nike's doing right now, there is a little less color than we've seen in the past and these really beautiful pants that, again, are black and white.

I also feel like there's a move away from super tight-fitted — you know, a spandex; tight as you can get, pants and neon pants, more towards slouchy, grungy harem pants; just a more comfortable, looser fitting fabrics for that more chill LA look.

So if you're like me, and we're getting tired of wearing skin-tight stuff all the time, this is really good news. Aside from Carbon38, one of my favorite clothing companies for these looser fitting pants is Solow. Absolutely love everything they're doing with sweatpants. A lot of their stuff looks like dancewear, which of course, is my absolute favorite thing on the planet. If you've done dance yoga with me on YouTube, you know how much I love combining dance and yoga sequencing.

Another favorite of mine right now, as we move a little bit away from lululemon and Athleta, which everyone already knows is Beyond Yoga; really enjoying their leggings. I recently bought their gathered legging, both the cropped and trying to get my hand on the long ones. Their leggings just feel phenomenal; they're so comfortable.

And if you're sad that I'm telling you that the whole neon pant thing is kind of ending, a really good option is BELMAICA. This is such a cool company; they let you design your own yoga pants that have a black base, and then you can just add in stripes or flashes of color, as you will, without committing to having to wear neon red pants; you can just have a splash on red in the pant, and they let you actually design your own yoga pants which is so cool, so that's definitely a place to check out if you want to have control over your design. They also have a very cool sweatpant, harem pant type look that I've been wearing and loving. You can also design the stitching and coloring on that.

So if you're looking for control in adding in just a little bit of color while still staying with black as your main pant color, BELMAICA is an amazing option.

And do not fear, because if you bought lots of neon yoga pants, you can always sell them and trade them on my favorite site, Tradesy.com. You can also check out my shop on Tradesy.com if you want to buy any of my old clothes.

If you love yoga fashion because it's just fun and comfortable as much as I do, jump over to my website at brettlarkin.com, get my free yoga for abs class, check out my online shop, make sure to like this video if you enjoyed it, share it with a friend, and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.

Do free online yoga and meditation with me if you're not already.
From my heart and my yoga wardrobe to yours, Namaste.

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