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Bridal Gown…Add Button Loops – Freestyle Friday #27

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My client purchased a wedding gown with buttons down the back, but the designer did not add loops to allow the buttons to close over the zipper. In this video I'll show you how simple it is to add the loops. This is an advanced sewing tip, but I hope you enjoy…Happy Sewiing!

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    1. Tara Finlay

      Here is the dress (on the right.) This was taken at the Jane Austen Ball in NY. The dress originally had modern buttons and wasn’t empire waist enough. I raised the waist and replaced the buttons with fabric-covered buttons and loops using your instructions and it worked great. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203163142414982&set=pcb.10203163143815017&type=1&theater

  1. Taneisha James

    im SO GLAD you did this video! im making a wedding dress for a friend i wanted a good method for buttons&loops over the zipper! i was not looking forward to making unnecessary button loops out of scraps on the bias. THANK YOU!

  2. yessy1705

    Hi, I have a wedding dress but I want to add a corset back and change the neck line from straples to a sweetheart can you make any tuttorial or did you already have one? please and thank you. 

  3. Incognito Xeres

    Niler again, you have the best sewing tutorials. I am going to be making some loops on a jacket, that has become a little too snug due to weight gain. : ( I was going to give it away, that was until this video. Now with a few loops of this kind in the midsection of my old jacket, it will be like new. And i think, i will change the buttons. So, with a few, loops, and new buttons, a favorite old jacket, will become, my favorite new jacket,, I had to watch this one twice.. Thanks for the idea… Much success and respect.

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