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Make custom bustier cups for a bridal gown corset.

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Make custom bustier cups for a bridal gown corset. When the cups are damaged or inadequate in a store bought gown, you have to know how to make custom bustier cups. The pre-made ones are not going to be the exact shape that you need.
Look at the pattern that makes the cup lining to create your own molded cups to insert. ***Pause at 17 secs to see the lining cup, (the part that would be against the skin.) That is where I got the pattern pieces from.***

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    1. Bridal Sewing Techniques

      Benene Lane for something as “cut” looking as this, Yessss!!! I have push up cups right by my machine and I use them on the daily. This required more precision to get the structured shape that the design required.

  1. Маргарита Рязанцева

    Wow, genius! Brenda i’m not a professional so can i ask you an amateurish question? If you make a dress from a scratch then how you decide how much of this poly-filler you need to put inside this cup? Thank you!

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