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Bridal Gown Search – Wedding Series ep. 3 -itsJudyTime

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My Bridal Gown. This is one of the more emotional steps to planning our wedding… finding the perfect wedding dress! I brought my mom and bridesmaid Celisse to come along with me to Alfred Angelo on this special day! I couldn't be more greatful for this wonderful opportunity!

Tukwila, Wa (Seattle)

Music By… Iwillbot-

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Clearvision Media lead the creative & production process of this Video:
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Disclaimer: I couldn't feel more fortunate and greatful for Alfred Angelo to sponsor this video. Everything mentioned and expressed in this video are my own honest opinions.

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    1. Michelle Mac

      @Rori Chan  Bridal stores don’t just sell wedding dresses. They sell prom dresses, dresses for Quinceañeras, accessories (shoes, jewelry, gloves), mother-of-the-bride dresses, etc., etc.

  1. GopherCake

    I love when brides seem drunk with happiness when they’re trying on dresses. It’s an exhausting process but some are excited enough to keep trying on different ones without getting irritated. : )

    1. Louise Farely

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