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Why isn’t it empowering for men to wear women’s clothing?

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Hello All, I wanted to cover off a topic that I've been thinking about for a little while now. There's a lot to unpack here so this may well be just the first of a couple of videos but I'm interested to hear your thoughts 🙂

As always, thank you for taking the time to watch my video, please feel free to comment below, like, share, subscribe etc.

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Juliette x

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    1. R.A. Hollis

      I have been wearing girls clothes every since about 11 when my sister and her friend would dress me up and invite other friends over to make fun of me. My sister knew that I was really loving wearing her clothes and makeup and she kept dressing me up and showing me off. Well one day while dressed really sexy my best friend happened to stop bye while we were in the back yard. ( I believe she or her friend called him ) The girls put me on my knees and forced me to get him off

  1. Craig McVay

    I love wearing High Heels, and I wear tights as well I can dress up but only do it on request. as for you saying men are still dominant? there are women I power and in this society, women are on par with men or they are about its pretty much even now.

  2. Bobby Cooper

    I think is completely the opposite. I find you to be way more in control, way more powerful and confident. First time confession here, I love wearing women’s undergarments and do so frequently. I personally feel stronger and more alive doing so. Work, home wherever

    1. Carly Cumms

      I would have to agree with you Bobby I think it’s totally empowering to dress up as a sexy woman or even just wear lingerie underneath your clothes. I feel totally in control and relaxed when I’m all dolled up.

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