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Bride Has Unlimited Budget For Her Royal Kentucky Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress

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Tracy and Ben are going to have a HUGE wedding, almost like a Royal event. So of course, her dress has to be amazing!

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    1. Vera Speedwell

      The real rich people are the most humble people. The people who get rich are sometimes not all but are snobby. They value the little things since they already have everything. The people who get rich are afraid to be poor again. And forget where they came from. And act as if they don’t know who you r

    1. Felicia Herman

      On my 17th birthday i wore a sleeveless ball gown… i was sweating bullets it was so hot idk why.. i think it’s bcos how the top wraps ur body tightly around and it’s heavy too. compared to how i usually dress… which is usually baggy😂

    1. Fashion Designer

      @Bethy “you’re on the Internet get used to seeing things that you disagree with”. Same to you. Firstly, I’m not a Christian. Don’t assume. Second, if you disagree with me saying it, then at least politely say it. 🙄

    2. A. Banana

      For real. They are just regular people. What is wrong with money? I think a little pride is ok. Even if they weren’t super humble that’s ok. Not everyone needs to humble to make others feel better.

  1. Anonymous Jastyce

    You can tell that they really are rich. They didn’t even asked for the price. The people in-charged are more concerned of the price lmao😭 the family be like “They’re beautiful” “You’re gorgeous”

    1. RioMuc

      @luna nova Yes, she did. Because she reflected about what she wrote and found out that it was wrong. I don’t know what she wrote and who this person is, but to admit she made a mistake and excuse herself – all this on the internet – shows an extremely rare and very commendable trait.

  2. Nicole Boardman

    I think her dad was right that the 1st dress ‘took away from her beauty’
    Since while everyone was complimenting her in the dress, the mother only talked about how beautiful the dress was, not how beautiful her daughter was in the dress.

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