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Bride Mortified When Online Bargain Wedding Gown Was Knock-Off Nightmare

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Looking for a wedding dress online? Knock Off Nightmares, is a Facebook page you might want to check first. It's filled with horror stories of shoppers who purchased dresses online only to find the gowns were nothing like the ones they saw on the site. Candace, a Bridal gown shopper thought she had found the perfect wedding gown, but it cost $4,000. "It was the budget of my entire wedding," she said. Then she found the same dress for just $300. When it came, she was shocked to see a cheap knockoff.

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    1. Cessily

      Yeah, that means you’re literally clued in on the scam from the get-go. You’ve already found the real dress that they don’t want you to know about. But you’re so dumb (and frankly, selfish) that you think; Yay, finally someone who wants to give me a dress worth thousands of dollars at a massive loss to their company, just what I was looking for.

  1. Equine X

    Havent we learned that any cheap dress online is a red flag (aka knockoff)? How many times must someone get ripped off to finally learn the lesson? And tbh, that original dress in the picture was hideos anyay

    1. Alexis Ryuun

      cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality, the lolita and cosplay stuff i’ve bought from milanoo.com was cheap for lolita or cosplay, but it was tailored and very well made, i keep going back to them because any of their clothing with the ‘tailored’ option is both well made and affordable

    2. purplestargazr9012

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly! There’s so much proof that ordering nice dresses online at bargain price leads to disaster and waste of money. Can’t believe people still fall for it

    1. Nath Aja

      Dionicio Baca Well they ordered it expecting the dress to be their size, so it’s not too big, nor too small. Just like the picture. And they’re also searching the dress that they like and the dress that matches them. So it’s SUPPOSED to be just-like-picture dress, not depending on the model, because who ordered a clothes without thinking if it’s going to matches your body or not.

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