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Bride Wants Two Dresses! | Say Yes To The Dress UK

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Lauren Arnell wants two wedding dresses, one for the wedding ceremony and one for the reception.
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  1. Blueberrygirl

    I would prefer if she choose dress that can transform from ball gown into tight fitted style. Its like having two dress but in one. I mean ive seen it before. There must be that kind of dress right?

    1. Laura

      @KatyAlexandra I like the UK version better too, but they tend to put their brides in dresses that are over budget (in fact, they sometimes don’t even try to keep the first number of the budget)

  2. Thuy Le

    People tend to forget about accessories. You can always spruce up a seemingly plain looking dress with a statement piece like a nice necklace or belt. I like the first dress. It’s gorgeous. The third one is cute and look nice and light on her, but the first once give off that royalty feeling you know.

  3. Zenobia

    jesus christ can they stop putting the brides in dresses that are over their budgets? A budget is a budget and the consultants should respect it. Not all of us can spend all the money in the world on a dress.

    1. human or machine?

      Yeah, I don’t really get the whole flexible budget thing. A budget should be the ceiling of what you want to spend. If you can stretch your budget, then it wasn’t your budget to begin with.

    2. Leslie Martin

      I read somewhere that on SYTTD behind the scenes, they’re filming 8-10 hrs a day and part of being filmed (i.e. contract) is that the Brides try on dresses that are not in budget. It’s more exposure for the designer too because the bridal stores have contracts with that particular designer to be mentioned.

    1. Morguebound

      @Sarah So Yes, there is poverty in every country, but in some countries (like Cambodia), the rate of poverty is much higher….I’m sorry that facts hurt your feelings if you’re offended by that.

    2. Sarah So

      @Lauren Buford around 7 PM it show time. The brides eats first and take picture with guests. And change and take some more photos. You know but we love good photos for keep sake. It’s a beautiful thing to see family and friends enjoying the reunion of the newly Wed but it’s just tiring. Lol. And they dance all night too 😂

    3. Sarah So

      @Christa Franken the bride usually spend each 30 minute in a dress.Its like30 minutes and the makeup team help you put on another dress and take some photos and again. But it depends sometimes brides just decide to get only one or two dresses because it’s tiring.

    4. Sarah So

      @Morguebound you know that is not totally correct. There are poverty in every country. Our country is beautiful and has so many temples. It’s a developing country. Yes, we have poor people but so do every country. And even though people think we are poor we are actually just recovering our country from wars. So yeah✌

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