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What Panties to Wear | Under Yoga/Leggings, Whites, Enhancing Your Booty, Comfort | Eva Chung

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1:46 Leggings & yoga
5:46 Whites
6:56 How to make your butt look nice
9:04 Comfort

Pantiesss! I love talking about panties because it's so much fun. There's so many different kinds and style. Also, you have to admit, panty shopping is pretty amusing in itself. I used to work at VS Pink and was the "pantie bar girl" so I was all about them for two years. I'm addressing the main issues that a lot of the customers encountered. They are what to wear under yoga/leggings/tights/spandex, whites, what makes your butt look very sexy, and comfort for things like red week. The main two are the what to wear under spandex and white. Those are the main issues I've faced. The other two were things I've thrown in for fun πŸ˜‰ So if you're shopping for panties or underwear, just keep these tips in mind πŸ™‚

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  1. Jem

    personally for white shirts (since i always wear black leggings) my skin is that awkward olive shade where there isn’t anything “nude” that works for me, i wear a grey bra and it works 99% the same

  2. quiche lorraine

    i have seamless panties but they give me a wedgie :c thats the problem with a lot of underwears. Some give me wedgies and some you can see the panty lines cuz my but is weird. I have a hard time finding underwear for myself

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