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Chino & Khaki Pants Fit Guide – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

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– to see more details and info about how your chino and khaki pants should fit and the best chinos for your body type.

– for my in-depth article that has outfit details, outfit inspiration images & the common chino pant mistakes I see men making.

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  1. Sebastian Hoffmann

    Hi! Thanks for this great video (-series). I’ve just bought my very first chino and got one question regarding the fit around the lower leg. Beeing one little bigger guy I’m very happy about the overall fit but though I’ve got normal to muscular legs the pants are a little bit tight around my lower legs’ muscles. Is it a nogo or can I still pull of that chino? (Sorry for errors but english’s not my native tounge)

  2. jose pantojas

    Absolutely love this video. Not only for the obvious reason, informative and on point, but also for the outtakes at the end. Love that part, hilarious. You’re the best Ashley.πŸ‘πŸ€—

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