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Whitney Cummings Has a Problem w/ Men’s Pants

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When James asks Whitney Cummings about rebooting 'Roseanne' she talks about the experience of having an office job and how she can't help but over-analyze everything about the male genitalia trapped inside trousers all day.

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  1. No Bozos

    Traditionally, men do that to pull extra material up so that when they sit down their pants don’t rip in the seams. Materials from that era didn’t have any give and would catch and tear in the seams.

    1. Mohamed Benkhettou

      its like 🐌 he go inside and back when things getting hot ( looking to sexy girl) and the balls go down it’s not the penis that hurt but the balls it’s hurt more then women when they pregnant and getting baby I hope I answered your question

    1. Kurt Sudheim

      Nope, I’m sorry to all the girls that may have seen it (& I’m sure I have been caught because if eyecontact afte), but when I stand up after sitting for awhile i mannually rearrange

  2. Bill Fipp

    If you don’t pull your pants up, you put a lot of stress on the knees of your pants, which is uncomfortable but will eventually make your pants baggy at the knees which is not a particularly good look.

    1. Captain Quirk

      @Brandon Curtis : No, Franklin is correct. It’s very simple. We pull up the thigh portion of our pants as we sit because if we didn’t, the fabric would get stretched and put uncomfortable pressure on the top of our legs, especially just above the knee. Pulling up that portion of our pant legs creates some slack to accommodate the bending of the leg as we sit down. (It has nothing to do with the genitals, by the way.)

    2. Nathanael Kramer

      For minor adjustments I use the cover of my pocket but every now and then the dong will slip out of the tighty whiteys. There’s no fixing that situation whithout going full hands on under the waistband. 😬

    1. Manisha Sinhababu

      Not just man . I have done that face quiet a lot … basically do that face and sit on the front row no teacher will ever ask you questions or say one bad ting about you even if you are eating under your desk or have full on video on in your phone ….. And I went to an Asian school so the method is basically fullproof

  3. Dan B

    People who wear loose pants don’t have to pull their pants up, but the reason men do that (assuming they are not simply trying to act cool) is because if you dont you wont have enough slack at the thighs and knees to sit down without it being super tight and uncomfortable, so you give yourself slack so your damn balls aren’t crushed.

    1. you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together

      i feel like everyone else was done with it but didn’t know how to close it that they just went and laughed at reggie’s joke so that they can stop hehehe

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