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Hate Women’s Clothing? Sew Your Own! Tips for Beginners | LIVE SHOW

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Sharing my problems and gripes about women's fashion and sizing, and why you should sew your own clothes! Resources and tips for beginners. Also, how much 'faux sewing' pisses me off! (Sorry for the screen flip at the beginning and the low quality of the broadcast. Had some technical difficulties but next time should be smoother and not shot on a suuuuuper old iPad)
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  1. Hyojin Do

    Hi Jennifer, I just watched your video by myself, and I was like totally “YES! YES! I know!!!”. I agree about Pinterest being so fake and just putting pretty pictures. I do not click the pictures any more because usually the webpage is full of advertisements, and not helpful at all. I just started sewing to make my own clothing, and was looking for more tutorials, and I am going to look into your recommendation. And YES, it does coast a lot more to sew I think! But I want to make dresses that does now show my chest when I bend down, that does not show my bra strep, that is long enough to cover my knees (what is up with all of dresses these days that are so short!!!), and that has sleeves, and that is not made out of cheap material, and that FITS ME. I am trying to make my own pattern so that it will fit me just right, and hopefully I can use it over and over again. Anyway, thank you so much for the fun, energetic, interesting, helpful video!!!!

    1. Sewing Report

      That’s wonderful to hear!!!! All of those issues with clothing you mentioned are the same ones I struggle with also, and I’m sure lots of other people. Skirts/dresses especially I wish were also a bit longer! And the tops – why are they not more bra friendly!!!???
      Sewing your own clothing is so personally rewarding and fun – I hope you’re able to revamp your closet into a handmade wardrobe. Appreciate the feedback – while I’m not a master seamstress I aim to encourage and spread the word on how awesome sewing really is!

  2. gingerella

    Great video Jennifer! Very well said, and I agree with all of it. Let’s hope things start changing! You’re right about Pinterest as well; I never realised how much I ignore the tutorials now. Jen x

    1. Sewing Report

      Hey Jen! Exactly – we can only change things by speaking up and raising awareness about all the misinformation and poor quality tutorials online. Even a few hours ago, I was looking for information on sewing lace/applique trim (how do you deal with the seams and making it look natural) and found a TON of search results but NOTHING relevant to what I was actually looking for.

  3. Outthinkeinstein

    I really love watching Annika Victoria’s channel! She does multiple types of ‘shows’ where she takes suggestions and tries to make it, sometimes she’ll finish a sewing project she had, and other stuff like that.

  4. Nina Woodson

    thank you for your tips I do so I used to do it in school years ago and I’m trying to get back into my sewing it’s just some time with these patterns cutting them out play some more the fabric it turned me off sometimes but I love to Sew

  5. Brit L

    I love your vibe! I am a beginning sewing girl and as of right now I have just been looking at ideas and trying to just do them as I go without patterns. I like the way most of my stuff turns out, but it takes forever because right now I do way too much trying it on, and sewing a part then trying it on again. I should probably take your advice and watch/read some real deal information. I love your take on fast fashion, everyone is fighting for human rights these days, but the same people fighting for them are forgetting a much larger foreign population that is being exploited. Here we fight for which bathroom, overseas they just would like to be allowed to use the bathroom without losing their job or having the building collapse on them. Let’s ditch fast fashion!!

  6. Beth Cooley

    I remember when you decided to make all your clothes. You talked about under garmets. you might want to look a EVIE la LUVE on YouTube. She has her own business and sells patterns for lovely intimate apparel (no riske.) You can download her patterns on PDF or get mailed. In addition, she sells kits. I think it is great you have set this challenge to make you 2017 wardrobe.

    1. Sewing Report

      Beth – I think you and I might be soul mates. Honest to God – I JUST went out to the mail box tonight and got two kits I ordered from Evie La Luve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you know???? This is going to be a future video for sure.

  7. Jean Archi

    I can’t get any decent pants to fit me, and skinny jeans are too
    restrictive. I did see what they now call, Mum jeans, but only few in that line.
    Why make a joke of them because they cater to the women’s shape?

    1. Sewing Report

      Ugh, skinny jeans feel like I’m being squeezed to death! Completely understand where you’re coming from. I personally like the fit of “Mum jeans” and I’m not a mother. You’re right – it seems mean to make jokes about moms!

  8. SewNaturalDane

    Great video😁😁. Thank you for sharing Emily, LOVE her style, I followed her right away. I follow everyday made easy recently. I love my teacher, I took an in person garment making class and it helped SOOOOO much. I follow so many great seamstresses and many are coming out with their own patterns. I’m going to tag you on a couple of them on Instagram, many of them have YouTube channels. plus I’m in several sewing FB groups. That’s why I’m adding more Indie pattern companies to my stash, I’m learning they are easier to follow. here on YouTube, Anita By Design, SewToFit (she’s a Bernina Ambassador as well), Style Sew Me just to name a few 😊

  9. Miss Matti

    Thank you for sharing all these resources! I have rarely sewn with any commercial sewing patterns ever and I normally overcomplicate things for myself by making patterns from scratch when I could in fact buy some. I do not mind if some tutorials says tracing a garment – but that requires you already have some well fitted garments in your wardrobe or similar garments. I was desperately trying to find a shorts pattern earlier this year (because I need to stop doing it all and simplify things for myself) and it was almost impossible as all guides where ‘trace a pair of shorts you already own” but I had no shorts in the style and fit I was looking for.

    1. Miss Matti

      @Sewing Report If you use that method tracing leggings it also requires that you trace from a pair with similar stretch to the fabric you want to use. It requires that the person making the pattern understand way more than a beginner would know so it’s not helpful to actually get people sewing with successful results.

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