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How Dress Pants, Slacks & Wool Trousers Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

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  1. Bro J

    I love the addition to this video, since at the begining I felt like it just meant for the well figure body type. But now, your review address more for multiple figure. I hope you can provide this kind of review in your video in the future. Great work!

  2. Bernard3rd

    Ashley and Dorrian,

    First off, thanks for all of the great content and for your great information on style. I have a question about pant length when wearing dressy boots. Is it ever acceptable to hem your pants with less than no break without committing a style faux pas? What Iโ€™m curious about specifically is styling a pair of Allen Edmonds Daltonโ€™s (or similar height dress boots) with some nice flannel trousers perhaps with a Navy pea coat and a sweater. With this or similar ensembles, can it be considered permissible to have the pants hemmed a bit less than no break (with a relatively small leg opening at the cuff) to show off the boots a bit more? I think that I know the answer to this question (which is to say that less than no break is not advisable), but wanted to get your opinion.



  3. ESA

    could you make a video on fashion with men who are short or more specifically men who are short and have shorter legs? I’m 5’6 but my legs are shorter/not proportional and my quads and calves are thick which makes me even shorter. thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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