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Basic Trouser Pattern For Men/Sokoto/Native Trouser/African Trouser/Traditional Trouser/Pant Part 1

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This is a beginner's course guide on how to make a perfect trouser.
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  1. Orla jiki

    Searched several videos online to at least understand the measurements and cutting but all were just too complex and confusing. Thanks for making this as simple as ABC. I am an aspiring fashion designer and really find this helpful and would help share your knowledge across

  2. Maikel Yorks

    Thank you for sharing part 1. I subscribed and went looking for part 2 , the Back part of the trouser. Sadly I could not find it.
    Can you please send me the link
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Daniel Elias

    thankyou Mr Setro, Great tutorial ,I-m following your tutorial for the trouser…my only question up to now is that I noticed you left a sewing allowance on the leg but not from the waist to the crotch…?

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