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How to Measure the Waist for Men’s Jeans : Classy Style

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When measuring the waist for men's jeans, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Measure the waist for men's jeans with help from a freelance artist in this free video clip.

Expert: Aaron Tucker
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: If you want to look classy and have style, you're going to need to keep a few key things in mind. Find out about having a classy style in men's fashion with help from a freelance artist in this free video series.

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  1. Joshua

    i’m super lost i have measured my waist at 46 inches and length at 27 inches using a very accurate measuring tape please help me i don’t want to screw up when i buy my new jeans

  2. WenstonBlack

    thanks man, I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear jeans. for example I always feel the washer, or dryer will shrink them and I feel like I won’t be able to wear them. so now I know it’s safe to get my actual waist size. thanks

  3. A Rabo

    This is madness! The internet is full of these instructions where they say to measure one’s waist in inches and it’s supposed to be the size of one’s pants. But it’s not true. My waist is 36″ but my pants are size 32-33. Please, somebody!

    1. Paul Abrahams

      It’s called Vanity sizing and clothes manufacturing industry has been doing it since 1958, a pair of jeans sized 32 can easily be a size 34. It’s frustrating because you will not find your correct size by measuring your waist or a pair of jeans as there is no uniform Vanity sizing. I have recently put on about 2 inches around my waist so I have to go try out some jeans in the store.

    2. Duncan Macmillan

      Same here. Measuring around the belt loops on my supposedly 34″ waist jeans which fit perfectly, it actually measures 37″. Maybe it is because they sit on my hips. My actual waist, which is the narrowest point around my midsection IS 34″ so I’m guessing they’re estimating that my hips would be just over 10% wider. Anyway, I got to get back to mailing these jeans back to GAP because they’re too tight on me.

  4. Michael L

    He’s measuring the hips not the waist. Measure ur waist with 2 fingers added into the measuring tape. Usually jeans are 2 inches bigger than ur waist so make sure to add ur fingers in there

  5. d3arb0rns

    This all false because dont nobody wear their Jean’s that high on their waist except steve urkel…fellas the proper way is to measure where your boxers drawers sit at because that’s typically where the modern man wears his jeans

  6. Indi anna

    Your video didn’t help one bit, first I see that you measured around the top of the jeans, then you measured about an inch or 2 inches above the jeans.
    You really need to highlight better where exactly you need to measure.
    Yes I agree that jeans can stretch with use, but new jeans also shrink if not prewashed, so buying a tighter fitting pair of jeans may not be a sensible option.
    This video was ‘PANTS’

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