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Men’s Narrow Fitting Pant Cutting Perfect Method

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In this video I will teach you how to cut a narrow pencil pant with simple trick and step by step explanation.
By this concept you can cut all types of pant very easily.
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men's full pant stitching part-1

men's full pant stitching Part-2

men's full Pant stitching part -3

men's full pant stitching part -4

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Men's fitting pant cutting simple method

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  1. Prakash Patel



    Congratulations for 100 videos on YouTube…. Jald hi 100k SUBSCRIBERS bhi complete ho jayenge…. ek doubt tha vaise aapke videos dekh kar bohat kuch sikha hu … but mujhe shirt aastin cutting ko lekar thoda doubt hy to plzzz aap front cutting ke baad aastin cutting ke liye kapda kaise set kare ispe ek detailed video bana dijiye please

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