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How To Sew Lace Applique On A Fishtail Bridal Gown

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Hey Fabs,

In this video I show you how to sew lace applique to a fishtail bridal gown. You can apply this to any bridal or evening gown of your choice. Perfect for a aspiring Fashion Designer or a Seamstress enthusiast.

Items used in this video

-3 yards of embroidered scallop Lace 54" wide
-Sewing Machine
-Push Pins

How To Add A Fishtail Extension To The Back Of A Gown:

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Learn To Sew My Bridal Gown here:

FAQ: Where did you get your dress form from?
A: Mood Fabrics (12yrs ago)
– What School You Went To?
A: Wood Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Design
-Where do you buy your fabrics?
A: I shop fabrics in NYC Garment District (Google Search for more info.)
-Can you recommend any online fabric shops?
A: I don't shop fabrics online, so I can't recommend any.

My other social platform
-Daniela Tabois Online Website:
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  1. Franciane Camacho Nardelli

    Hi, Daniela!!! Greetings from Brazil here… ☀️🇧🇷
    I just love your vídeos… and think you’re a great teacher.🤩👍🏻
    I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for the next project! 😉

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