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How to Sew Yoga Pants with Pockets! Special Guest Cat Dillon Designs – Tock Custom Sewing Tutorial

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In this tutorial, Cat Dillon Design (Special Guest) and I show you how to sew a pair of Yoga Pants together from scratch with pockets!

Make sure to check out Cat Dillon's work:

The pattern we used was Simplicity 8561:
Sewing Machine – Brother ST150HDH:
Gutermann 1000m Sew-All Thread:
Gutermann 100m Light TopStitch Color Bundle:
Cutting Mats – Fiskars 36×24:
Cutting Mats – Olfa 36×24:
Famore Cutlery Products:
TNT Cosplay Supply:
Omnigrid 3×18" Quilting Ruler:
Omnigrid 6×24" Quilting Ruler:
Tailor's Measuring Tape:
Seam Allowance Ruler:
Tailor's Chalk:
Chalk Wheels:
Rowenta Steam Iron:
Table Top Ironing Board:

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Thank you for watching!!

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  1. Lisas187

    Love the video! Thank you for featuring a female guest! She seems amazing and you two work so great together! However, my video seemed to have an awful echo in some spots, was that just my video player? Stay safe Tock and keep the amazing work coming! Thank you! <3

    1. Tock Custom

      Glad you enjoyed it! I was having audio issues on my end, did my best to save them, otherwise this video would have just been deleted. I think it ended up pretty good regardless. Thanks for watching!

    2. Kevin Aylward

      @Tock Custom If Cat were just a bit more sneaky, she could have suggested a “Redo” or take two, take three, take four….. till she had a whole new wardrobe. But that’s right, she already knows how to sew herself. Shame too…. There is some poor many thumbed, stitch challenged person out there hunting for a guy like you Tock..

  2. swiinka

    Another video, another fantastic tutorial! Not planning to do yoga pants any time soon, but I have a real stretchy, tight-fitting ribbed cardigan to re-hem at the cuffs and I had no idea how to tackle this, and your video delivered! Love how your tutorials are always packed with bits and bobs of practical knowledge that can be applied to so many different sewing tasks <3 Re: yoke vs waistband, I think the difference is (other than the fact that the former is used by the Irish as a word to describe anything you don't know proper name of :D) the width and placement: waistband sits at natural waist and is 1-2 inches wide, whereas yoke is about 3-4 inches wide, sits below the waist and hugs the hips. At least this is the case for skirts. Thanks for the video and hope to see more collabs with Cat, you guys make a great team!

    1. Tock Custom

      Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment! I appreciate that this project was helpful, and all the techniques included as well. I really hope to do some more videos with Cat, she was incredible to film with (and she’s also way more talented than I am)!

      Have a terrific week <3

  3. etheleiknem

    Great tutorial! I wouldn’t have thought of making yoga pants but now I kinda want to try!

    BTW you did a great job repairing your audio – I think every crafter knows what it’s like to work hours thinking everything’s going so well just to find out something’s wrong just before the end. Like that time I made a small serger cut in the sleeve of my almost finished shirt…

    1. Tock Custom

      Thank you SO much for saying that. I’m still very proud of this content… even though the perfectionist in me was irritated lol. But overall I’m thrilled about this.

      I appreciate the comment and your feedback. Thanks for watching!!

    1. John Doe

      @Joy I would love to make my girlfriend a dress or a skirt. Unfortunately, she won’t wear anything girlie. I told her I want to make her a little dress with pleated skirt and puff sleeves. She says I’m crazy she ain’t wearing it! I tell her whats the fun in being female if you don’t dress sexy. So mainly I make tough guy shirts for myself and a cover for my motorcycle.

    2. Joy

      @John Doe You’re right! Everyone should wear yoga pants especially with pockets. Hope this video inspires everybody and I encourage you to sew your own, customized for your use. I’m sure your lucky girlfriend will be happy with hers. Sigh…I wish my guy would sew for me.

    3. John Doe

      Yoga pants aren’t just for ladies. I wear ’em under my jeans to keep my legs warm while riding my motorcycle. nothing girlie about it. They are also comfortable to wear around the house on a winter day. I stole ’em from my girlfriend, but now i think i’ll make my own. I might make my girlfriend a pair since hers are stretched out. They look better on me then on her.

  4. Todd Gamel

    First, I want to say, I love your channel Tock! Now to my question, I noticed in this video you sewed the yoga pants with the pins in place. Is that because of the type of material (stretch), or have you started sewing your seams with the pins in place on all seams? I am a newer sewer, and was just curious as to the change in technique. Thanks

  5. Pieter van Dijk

    I love watching your videos during sewing myself haha.
    I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to make a fitted waistcoat, and on blind hem stitching.
    Thank you so much for all your videos and effort that goes into them!

    1. Tock Custom

      That’s awesome! Happy to ‘hang out with you’ while you’re working 🙂

      I know how to make dress vests and waistcoats – but it’s more of an advanced garment with lining, so I was going to save that for later after I’ve finished a lot of my entry level videos. I’ll have a lot more stuff coming out soon, so hopefully it’s all helpful to you along the way.

      Thanks for the support my friend!

    1. Tock Custom

      I did my very best to save all of the audio, there were some issues I didn’t know of until editing… I spent… so much time… trying to get this as close to perfect as I could! Hope it wasn’t too terrible. I’ve since upgraded my mics to better accommodate collaborative video shoots though! Thanks for watching dude, maybe it’s time to make some Yoga Pants for the wife!?

  6. Allura Romel

    Great video, Tock & Cat. Hey Tock, I noticed your using the metal clips to keep your Olfa cutting mats together. I stopped using them as they always seem to be in the way when I was laying out fabric & cutting it. I now use invisible tape on the bottom & top & have had no issues. Cheers!

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