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HOW TO STYLE: BAGGY PANTS (Vintage Streetwear Lookbook | Men’s Fashion)

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In today's video, I show you how to style thrifted vintage baggy/oversized pants, and how to style it in a vintage streetwear way. Vintage streetwear has been a huge part of my closet recently, especially thrifted pants, so I wanted to show y'all how to complete the look.

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  1. H A D E S

    i still dress like this sometimes. everytime i wear an outfit with baggy khakis i feel like im back in the ghetto again. Walmart pants arent tailored so you have baggy pants. polos, crew neck tshirts and sleeves work with baggy pants.

  2. CUPlDLY

    what he means is, a shoe something like the fila disruptors, something that some volume in the soul of the shoe. because in the vintage/ 90s aesthetic, chunky/bulkier shoes were really popular. (Hope this helped!

  3. Sagar Panda

    There is something I would recommend to you. I have also discovered that baggy cargo pants with and without pockets look really good in this style,and for shorts,long 3/4 baggy cargo shorts look amazing too. I hope you like it

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