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These were just a few outfits styling Men's pants. All the pieces of clothing were purchased secondhand from thrift stores. I love wearing clothes that are intended for men to wear. I don't consider it cross dressing, clothes are clothes & you can wear whatever u want!! Also womens pants don't have deep pockets and in my experience aren't always as comfortable. IDK MAN. WEAR WHAT U WANNA. CLOTHES ARE ONLY GENDERED IF U WANT THEM TO BE, DESPITE LABELS ETC. IF U LIKE IT WEAR IT HUNNY 🙂
Thank You so much for watching!!
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    1. tasha b

      CACTUSROBBER! If you’re skinny and attractive you could walk around in a burlap sack and people would find you attractive. If you’re overweight it’s pretty obvious that people don’t ‘approve’ of you wearing anything that’s not plain and “flattering” aka hides the fat parts and shows off the skinny parts

  1. Sr uthi

    This was quite inspiring thanks 🙂 I always find the men’s section of clothing more attractive even though I’m not trans or anything, but I’m just too self conscious to go and pick out stuff from the men’s side bc no girl here would ever do that. This motivated me to do it though! I went a bought a men’s t shirt 🙂

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