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I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

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Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from Wish.com and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.

Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?

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    1. Blackwidow

      @hellish_ wonder Thank you for saying this because it genuinely hurt her feelings to read. She stopped making videos for awhile because she was getting hate over the way she talked. It’s not okay to make fun of someone, especially a drama free YouTube influencer.

    1. Goran Aleksic

      On the Wish application you can find various gadgets, things for the house, camping, kitchen utensils, decorations, electronics, equipment for phones, cameras, etc.
      Works verified -100% !!!+++!!!

  1. ShethTora

    Part of the reason the pictures look so good is that pretty much every single one is stolen from professionals and reproduced based on the picture alone with no underlayers or things.
    It’s also made with cheaper materials and lower standards.

  2. May F

    I have a theory on the brown stain– I think it’s blood from when the person making the dress might have done something to get hurt. Maybe they pricked a finger (or accidentally run it under the machine while sewing). Maybe their hands were dry enough to crack, or they broke a nail or something. But my money is on that spot being a dried bloodstain.

    1. Liz H

      @Emma exactly, and when people do reviews of them, they inevitably come up with some items that are about unwearable. The prices, you look at them and think “some kind of miracle”, then, nope.

      It’s so bad, they could be charging a bit more and making a decent product.

    2. Emma

      I came here to say the same thing.

      I think the Wish clothing marketplace is essentially pictures of designer items or instagram outfit pictures, and what you receive is a cheap knock off version made in a sweatshop somewhere. Cheap/thin fabric, no structuring in corset areas (as that comment said), not quite the same pattern/lace, poorly sewn together…

    1. cup cake

      I love to see YouTubes be friends and help or even watch each other. It’s real nice that people on YouTube doesn’t have alot of drama. At least my Saf ,simple nailogical, threadbanger Mia Maples, game theory and so much more.

    1. Najifa Najha

      hello saaf! i was wondering if you could make a video where you try disney princess outfits from ali express that looks promising? and tylor could try the opposite prince with each princess? and you guys recreate those iconic disney dance scenes? you two will look so amazing in those romantic scenes!!!!

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