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  1. LegionSlaughter

    So smart. She didn’t ask the question directly. Would be bad if she says what do you think about your son dressed in girl clothing. Instead what’s your reaction to what people say. Nice!

    1. mzkaret

      I understand…but men and women are different but u shouldn’t put based on body demote injections and implants if they unsure then 🤔 yes but talk to him i ALWAYS LOVED YALL just tell him make kilts in the NO MEN WEARING DRESSES MEN CALL THEM KILTS

    1. Raj Singh

      No but it can be intuitively understood given the context of this clip the the various meanings of fluidity. It wasn’t like each point was a cinderblock, the interview quite literally “flowed” from point to point and there was no awkwardness to it.

      Hence fluidity 🙂

    1. Aaron Hyslop

      okay, the host is called “a.dot” or “amplify dot”, her real name is ashley brown. she’s a cisgender woman (aka not transgender). just because she has short hair doesn’t mean she’s not a woman??

    2. Tony 2x

      Amber Hyslop- There are only 2 genders. people like you live in a fucking “safe space bubble”. You are so far gone if you think otherwise. Now make me a sandwich and shut up like a good girl.

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