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Lululemon yoga pants uproar

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Vancouver billionaire and Lululemon founder Chip Wilson may have inadvertently taken a piece of his company's bottom line, after making comments about the size of women wearing his brand's yoga pants. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

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  1. Peggy S

    With the risk of being politically incorrect – I don’t get why this CEO had to step down because he said his company’s yoga pants don’t work for all women’s bodies. What is the big deal about that? I mean there are clothing brands that work for my body and clothing brands that don’t. It isn’t even about weight. Upworthy recently posted a clip about the way the media/advertisers demean women. The clip shows advertisements from companies like Ford (bikini clad women bound/gagged in the back of a car) and Carl’s Jr. (barely dressed women eating their burgers off the ground on all fours like dogs) that I think are highly demeaning to women. And here the CEO of a company with a good track record for hiring women – which is all about women’s health – makes a comment about yoga pants that were being criticized as being too sheer. Basically he said sheer yoga pants don’t work for every woman’s body (they don’t work for mine btw). And he gets canned. Are you kidding me?? Is it me or is that over the top? Are our priorities and sense of what is offensive a little whacked? Why aren’t women writing petitions to have the senior executives of the companies with demeaning advertisements canned? Really? The guy said his pants don’t work for everyone. He didn’t put a half naked woman in the pants and chain her to a bed or something. Can someone please explain why what he said was so offensive it called for his firing????

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