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  1. Mel S

    Yoga pants are SO comfy. I’m actually wearing a pair right now. But they don’t “condense” anything at all…. For some reason they just look good on pretty much everyone. Anyway, they’re definitely something that you throw on (as long as it isn’t freezing) to be super comfy.

  2. Nicole Slater

    You guys crack me up! Lol I wear yoga pants all the time, but only when Im home or out working out, I wouldn’t wear them out shopping or anything. That’s what leggings are for lol. The yogurt pants sounds pretty cool tho, Id give em a try lmao

  3. Rayne Linstrom

    I don’t even own yoga pants but I still do yoga xD I believe exercise shorts (the spandexy ones) are a good substitute!
    Also, would yogurt pants be like edible underwear? Just… edible pants? Er.. lickable…? O.o

  4. MellyNicky

    Mike you’re hilarious!!! Chris you’re not even TRYING to explain yoga pants hahah you just wanna keep rubbing Mike’s beard. which i understand.. it’s pretty rubbable lol, but you guys were your most hilarious when you actually try. Like the tampon one – great job!

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