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Hiking Thru Cactus in Yoga Pants & Talking About Luke Bryan While Looking For Hot Springs in Arizona

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Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #496
Dates of Adventure: 12/9/20

Hunting for hot springs in the area around Clifton, AZ on the beautiful but e.coli-infested San Francisco River!

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Theme song by Michael Saint-Leon
Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Investigations by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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  1. Pat Riley

    Thanks for the great videos. I am desperately trying to make this a year of watching happy and entertaining videos instead of those with political or negative content. After 2020 I want to make 2021 as upbeat as possible. Your videos always make me happy. As a fellow Nevadan I have visited some of the places you have described, but you have shown me many more that I need to visit. You are truly a sweet and honest person.

  2. Bill Fong

    Nice hike, and journey! Thank you for taking us along while on an adventure! Hope you find the perfect hot spring soon! Best wishes for great exploring in 2021! Stay safe and awesome! 🧧🤙🌅

  3. david bones

    Hey sis I walked that same cemetery in 2017 I did a road trip on my harley one month and 4000 miles great trip I’m glad you found it that pit is like a mile deep very cool place greetings from Oregon

  4. Timothy Greener

    Thanks again. This post C19 world is bearable with yours and other adventurous YouTuber channels for those of us that need to isolate from the world but would rather be out there doing what you are doing.

    1. Timothy Greener

      @Fishing Michigan Oh my! You are an opinionated person aren’t you. I bet your family had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving this year. I would suggest you find a little empathy and tone down the negative rhetoric. For the record. I am 66 years old with 8% Neanderthal genes, have stage 4 emphysema and the big C19 would most likely end what little of my diminishing life is left. I wish you well my friend.

  5. tom frye

    Yeah, that cemetery is just to hard to maintain. Nobody want’s to try working among cactus on that side hill. And yes, copper’s very useful an badly needed. Your house and car have thousands of yards or copper wire in them. The world’s WIRED with it. Sorry to hear your soaking plans were foiled. Love. Great video in spite of that though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Pine Cone

    There is a pretty sweet hot spring in that Morenci area with a waterfall and a hot pool in a cave. It is probably on private property but I went there and no one seemed to give a flying J. Met a few cows that was it

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