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Men’s Clothing Items That Women Hate

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After a lot of research, today I'm sharing a bunch of men's clothing items that women hate and wish we would stop wearing.

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    1. Mark Richards

      @Alvin Fuller Yeah, but even more important, a sense of humor, and a kind heart will be very attractive. As for outward appearance, a smile is the most attractive thing you can wear.

    2. Alvin Fuller

      Stay in shape, you will be head and shoulders above the crowd. Stop shoveling tons of chips and crap and eat salad, believe me they will notice. Thin waist and clean shave gets the job done, not tussled hair, hipster beard and Alpha M skinny jeans/henley Tees.

    1. jillibeens57

      @Ulrich Weigel I’m so sorry. You’ll find the right lady when you least expect it, and you won’t find her in a bar! Many men discount women because they don’t look like supermodels. It really does go both ways.

    1. hydrolito

      I had a van when I could no longer afford that I walked and rode a bicycle one of my girlfriends then started dating another guy with a van. So a guy does not need to have a Ferrari. I got another girlfriend while I still used my bicycle.

    1. P Jj

      too many jailhouse tatts, too many tatts period…nasty shoes, unkempt hair, funky smell, nasty car, too small tshirts, baggy pants w underwear or buttcrack shining…no amt of money helps if you got all this

    1. Wendy 1967

      If you dress like a slob, you can be sure the purple haired tattooed fat women will be all you’ll get. If you want someone who dresses classy, you must dress classy as well. Same goes for women. Dress sleazy, you’ll get sleazy people of the opposite sex.

    1. Glenn Calzada

      @Rod 1984 How do you draw that conclusion? Having an opinion isn’t ‘controlling’. I honor and respect her opinion but I still have free will.
      I hope some day you can have a healthy relationship. Then you’ll understand what I’m saying.

    1. James Becker

      @Ronald Roth I am a very late boomer myself, maybe the last(born 1964), lol. I think it is a cool nickname as I know the submarines that carry nuclear weapons are known as “boomers”.
      While I generally dress appropriately for the situation, it’s more due to a conservative upbringing versus trends/opinion. As a multi tour 11B combat vet
      (CIB, BSx2, PHx2) I have earned the right to wear what I want, when I want. I can attest to the fact that most real women like the look and feel of boots and leather and the pulse of an H-D on a run!!

    1. Angela Petrucci

      mysterioso 100 This is probably for men that want to attract a put-together, classy, attractive women. If you want to attract a woman who puts some effort into looking nice, you should do the same.

  1. shooter853

    I started wearing “cargo’ pants back in the 70’s. We would cut off the legs of our BDU’s under the side pockets when they got to tattered to repair. I’ve worn different versions since– AND will continue to wear them as I please.

    1. Splatterviz

      @Vox Deus I enjoy the woman walking down a hallway or street. I watch her in my periphery just enough to see her doing the sudden look back because she’s assuming I’m looking at her butt. She wants that approval…of course I’ve had a look but I’ll never give them the satisfaction. And no, I’m not some creepy guy who they think is following them…I don’t think 😆

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