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Biggest Bridal Mistakes When Wedding Dress Shopping | Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Knows Best

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Randy divulges the biggest mistakes a bride could make when wedding dress shopping.
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    1. ਰਜਨ Deep

      @Žrń Å I think it is very common for women to show off their parts and i have seen many brides choosing gowns on this channel whose cleavage was visible more than her maybe and that time they didn’t say we want to show and she did she said I wanna show. It was normal for her and it’s obvious to let her freely decide.
      I really don’t think that these days showing off some body part is abnormal at all as it’s done by many ladies these days. This is a world we are living in and some people are pointing at her is mostly because stylist said that.

    2. Žrń Å

      ਰਜਨ Deep yeah and all the people saying his buddies checking her out at the alter, so what? There’s nothing wrong with showing them but the focus should be the dress not the cleaves

    1. TiffyStrangeBird Brown

      Tacky Kimberly did look amazing in her boob dress tho. I know you have seen those fake boob girls stuffing themselves into sausage casings and squeezing out the top, but this was not that. The dress at least fit right.

    2. Ashley Moore

      @DEPY K You must really never talk to anyone of the opposite sex to be so convinced that a few responses equates to me being interested 😂 They usually don’t talk to you this much, huh?
      And you tried to call ME delusional lmao.
      Go back to the incel forums and/or English class, leave debates to the adults

    1. theinitialscc

      @SWATI CHAUHAN depends on your perspective. for a single use dress? absolutely. for the quality of material, design, construction, and fitting, the prices are on point. these dresses are works of art in and of themselves.

    1. eimear mulligan

      Right? Or least pay the difference if you go over the budget. Like if my mam was generous enough to offer to pay €2000 for my dress, I wouldn’t put a €3000 dress on unless I had a grand to pay the difference

    2. Fangirl_of_alot 96

      Well some times the mother actually wants to pay for the dress it doesn’t always mean that the bride is feeling off their mother. Sometimes it’s also tradition for the mother to pay for the dress. The mother can also be paying for the dress as a wedding gift to their child. It’s not always because they are feeding off of their mothers or grandmother or dad or whatever of course there will always be those few that will take advantage of their family.

    1. UwU senpai

      @samira abdi s/he’s/they’re just saying what kind of body type the dress would fit. There are dresses that shows a lot of skin and women with pretty big breasts can wear and it will be flattering and beautiful on them. Some dresses just don’t go along with some body types. No need to be unreasonably rude.

    2. Rosemary Kriegel

      When I married at 5’4″ weighing only 103# I could have the entire front of the dress slit to my navel and wouldn’t have one bit of cleavage. On the other hand, my nieces boobs almost fell out of her wedding dress. I didn’t want her bending over to talk to me, for sure!

    1. Linda Forrester

      @Kira Alldredge congratulations on your wedding day you had the right idear I bet you looked nice and as long as you and your husband liked it that’s the main thing we brought are daughter a expensive gown and know it’s in are wardrobe I asked her to hire a dress but she said no men hire morning suites they give them back to the shop when finished so I think it’s good to hire nobody is any wiser are they

    2. Linda Forrester

      It anoes me when there peaple dont like it years ago only mum helped her daughter select and on the day it would be shown in the church know everyone sees it so I think the joy of finding the dress has gone

    3. human or machine?

      She wanted the Kleinfeld experience, but they’re a higher end bridal boutique. I do think it’s ridiculous though that she couldn’t find anything there for $2,000, and I agree the dress she wanted is hideous.

  1. Pamela Irene

    Showing off your body is not a personality trait girl. Show off your body if you want but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s just our bold personality rather than wanting to turn some heads, which there’s nothing wrong with.

    1. Pamela Irene

      @Adashelby I don’t car show modest she is anywhere. Her body her choice. I’m just sayjng that showing off her body is not part of her personality, like she is saying. She wants her boobs to look good because it’s “who she is” No it’s not, you’re more than a pair of breasts. Flaunt em if you want, but dont qualify yourself by them.

    2. Scarlet Rose_98

      I think she just wants people to notice her boobs first not her face, and if she ask people what they remember oh they’ll definitely remember her boobs not how beautiful she looks or the dress 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Gloria Graham

      @Lana K Problem is, most young ladies dont go to Church , only get married in Church..supposd to cover up, and this is a SERIOUS Ceremony in God’s eyes. Ladies can still be sexy, beautiful, classy without exposing to much breast. Or, just go to Vegas and let it all hang out.

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