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Mens jeans – the different styles and fits | James | ASOS Stylist

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Mens jeans – the different styles and fits | James | ASOS Stylist


Hi, I'm James, one of the ASOS Stylists. Today I'm talking about different cuts of jeans and what cut suits what body type best.


Tapered Jeans –

Skinny Jeans –

Straight Jeans –

T-Shirt –

Shoes –

You can chat to me on-site for men's style advice and menswear fashion tips, plus I'll be making new YouTube videos every week. If it's fashion tips, what to wear to an important occasion or event, what the new season trends are or anything else clothes / fashion / styling related, then subscribe to the ASOS YouTube channel for new videos every week.

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  1. Lorenzo

    Hey James! Love your videos, and recently been using it as a reference for my everyday fits (we basically have matching wardrobes lol.)

    I’m wondering when does your outfit becomes TOO much leather? For example, I like to wear my leather jacket but I can never seem to match it with my black leather desert boots without feeling like it’s too much. What’s your opinion?

    Also what do you think of boots and leather jackets in the first place? Can you send me some links to your favorite shoes to wear with them? Thank you so much!

    1. Asos JamesW

      Hey! Thank you very much 🙂 glad you are enjoying them and finding them useful! I have worn a leather jacket and leather trousers before but the leather trousers have patches on to break up the vast amount of leather! I think as long as you are in black and shades of grey, it’s a really cool look. So I say just go for it! Check out my Pinterest for loads of leather jacket looks! http://asos.do/YrkK4J

    1. Daniel Fraijo

      Skinny jeans are super comfortable now as they are made with a better elastic material than before plus a bigger variety of styles are available now as well so you don’t get bored of the same ones.

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