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Monte & Lori’s Most Impressive Wedding Dress Picks | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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We break down some of the most impressive and dazzling wedding gowns picked by Monte and Lori on #SayYesToTheDressAtlanta. Which wedding dress is your favourite?

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    1. BeautyAllAround

      Hi Ethiopian here, so the entourage she has with her is nothing 😂 at my cousins wedding we had over 1000 people there probably more tbh. Also I don’t know why there was even a disagreement between who and what ethnicity they are tbh. The mother was wearing our traditional dress (agerlips), the Kaaba the bride put on top of her wedding dress all very Ethiopian or could be Eritrean as well. Ethiopia has over 70+ different languages and tribes and one tribe I know of is very similar to Indian+Arab culture they are called harrerian so Ethiopian is a very diverse place. No need for anyone to be rude to each other though.

    1. Obscure Reflections

      Most dresses have the veil as a part of the design, so usually what people think might be lacking as a dress is usually considered in the veil. So usually people would be just judging half of the whole picture. sometimes it wouldn’t make a lot of difference, but most times it changes the silhouette, coverage, and overall texture.

  1. Tassnime Essaidi

    the traditional dress ( the kaba) made the first bride look like a queen from a movie, i am in love with it . very very beautiful .
    the second dress made me speechless, perfect for the bride.
    the third dress is magical, the bride is looking gorgeous.
    the last one ( let me talk about that mean guy i want to slap him in the face so bad he’s soooo mean and annoying) the bride is looking amazing is every dress, the one she chooses for her wedding is very beautiful.

  2. Kirstyn Ashlee

    But why is every single woman in the first brides entourage stunning, including her- my gosh they are gorgeous.

    ahh, and then the second bride comes in looking like an airbrushed model of perfection. How do people look so good with a shaved head when I’m over here struggling to have my hair make me look cute.

    1. Bonnie Holman

      @Raka Mukherjee This is why although I have lived in the western USA since leaving for college, I am proud of my Southern heritage. We are good people who are intrinsically NICE! The NYC judgmental back stabbers – you can feel the fakiness and pressure to buy, to spend $$$ there, with every bride. Not the same feel at Lori’s boutique.

    1. JoAnn Emery

      Her Mom is beautiful inside and out ,you can just see her absolute happiness & joy in her .She’s so calm & relaxed, the younger daughter/ sister is another stunner & also a joy to the family. This has to be my Favorite Family EVER .
      love ,from ,JoAnn Sebring,Florida


      I personally liked it with the skirt it looks better. I mean without the skirt it looks like a gown you could wear for a red carpet but not as your wedding dress. And with the kaba she just looks like a princess it’s so gorgeous and it matches perfectly.

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