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Price of a Sabyasachi Lehenga | सब्यसाची लहंगा प्राइस

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Cost & Price of a Sabyasachi Lehenga is something all of us wonder. Here is a detailed video about it in detail.

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फैशन डिजाइनर सब्यासाची मुखर्जी के लहंगा ka price

सस्ते लहंगे सस्ते लहंगे,फैशन डिजाइनर,सब्यसाची डिजाइनर लहंगा,सब्यसाची,डिजाइनर लहंगा,सब्यसाची लहंगा,Price of a Sabyasachi Lehenga,Cost of a Sabyasachi Lehenga,Sabyasachi Lahanga,Sabysachi lehenga price,sabyasachi lehenga cost,thatquirkymiss,lehenga,lehenga designs,sabyasachi lehenga,chandni chowk,wedding bridal lehenga,designer lehenga,lehenga dupatta styles,lehenga chunni market,lehenga at wholesale price,cheapest lehenga market,andWed

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    1. Dr jugalkishor Chitlange

      Dekho gareeb ho ya ameer agar honesty ka paisa hai to koi dikkat nahi
      Aur har insaan apne hisaab se khareedta hai aur ye uski marji ki wo 8lac ka khareede ya phir 8thousand ka
      Aur gareeb ko paisa kyu de kisiki manmani thodi hai
      Jisko dena hai wo de jisko nai dena wo naa de

    2. Dr jugalkishor Chitlange

      @manashi nath bohot se rich people aise bhi hai jo honesty se paisa kamaate hai
      Aur haa kisine tumhe force nai kiya hai ki tum ye peheno
      Aur baat aayi gareeb ki to dusro ko taane maarne se behtar khud ko dekho

    3. Subhadra Mahanta

      Indian traditional work costs extensive labor, these are for rich and these designs are keeping our culture and traditions alive, they’ll be paying their workers accordingly. Western brands ka dekha hai, kuch work nahi hota paise leten hain kitne kitne. There are lehengas in market which are copies of these and are cheap.

      Rich will buy from brands whether you like it or not, you should at least be glad that there are people who have made a brand conserving India’s rich heritage.

      Just giving the money to someone is not going to solve a problem, better teach someone to fish rather then to give meal once a day.


      True!! I belong to Kerala and yahan designer shops mein kanchipuram sarees starts from 50k to 25lakhs.. they customize also.. the same kanchipuram sarees when u buy from the weaving villages of tamilnadu max it cost 20k (rough figureand for customized ones)

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