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RE: Rules for wearing yoga pants | DDD’s No. 18

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  1. krisssyyy

    56 mins in lmaooooo, gets me every time. I love Hart. Binge watching daily dose of dimples. I remember these when they first came out, years ago. <3 I've been watching Hart since I was 19, I'm 24 now.

  2. javon williams

    this is my favourite video of yours … I remember watching this in high school and just feeling so loved … and accepted all because of you Hart … idc how much you evolve as a person… youtuber …. entertainer … I will always keep your queirdness in my heart where ever I go and call on it when I need a reminder to love being myself <3 I really do love you gurl and I can't wait for you to reach 1 million <3

  3. Hurp Derp

    woow i love you, i went to that school with the girls who did that yoga pants video, so its amazing to see you fend for people who are miles away and build up confidence for people all around.I admire you and you have a great heart! keep up the great work!

  4. Lauren Greifzu

    Lmaooo!! i haven’t laughed that genuinely in a while!!! Thx Hart!!

    p.s. i feel like i have huge dimples every time I smile/laugh while watching your videos..
    p.p.s. it makes me feel that much more attractive.

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