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Students Protest School’s Ban On Yoga Pants

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Administrators at a Massachusetts high school were surprised when their new dress code banning yoga pants attracted worldwide attention.

They were probably even more surprised that male students at Cape Cod Regional Tech showed some solidarity with their female counterparts by showing up in the tight-fitting attire on the first day of school in protest of the clothing restriction that by nature targets female students, reports the Cape Cod Times…

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Clip from the Friday, September 4th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. Cal fischer

    as a high school student myself, I’m offended by your notion that the boy’s motivation for thier support couldn’t’ve been genuine. Thinking like that really holds back causes like this by de-legitimizing male support.

  2. TheStoneSpiral

    Meh, banning yoga pants is not the same thing as putting a burka on all the girls. I think they’re kind of unprofessional and when I see women wearing them I feel like it’s a sign that they’re not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, just like idiots who wear pajama pants to class. It’s lazy. Just wear some nice jeans like a normal person, wear yoga pants or pajama bottoms, or jeggins or whatever, on your own time.

    Schools are allowed to make these sorts of rules. It’s not a city wide ordinance, it’s not like they’re allowing the boys to wear tight or revealing pants, but the girls can’t.

    Perspective folks. In the grand scheme of things, not being allowed to wear yoga pants on school grounds is far from the end of the world. :/

  3. Danielle Riley

    a similar ban is in my school. the cheerleaders tried to get a protest going. everyone including the boys were angry, but only 3 people came to school in yoga pants. when they were told to change 2 did. one stood her ground and was given detention.

  4. C McMullen

    A ban on yoga pants? We had uniforms at all of my schools since I was in like 2nd grade. And you can’t say, “oh but you’re probably old and those were the old days.” I’m 18, I graduated last year. These schools are all in southeast Louisiana by the way, so maybe they need to change and be more lax

  5. Undead King

    I love the point my dad made when we saw the story,living in Massachusetts this came up in our local news feed, he said yoga pants are more a distraction to the women wearing them than anyone else. He pointed that most girls wear bags or shirts to hide revealing areas and to further support his point the first girl on camera shown to protest had her hands over front. Despite being libertarian I have to admit that he had strong point based on logical observation not political ideology.

    1. Tim H

      +karl john You can’t possibly be for real, nobody really thinks like that outside of ISIS. Go troll someone else, like go to fox nation and pretend to be a PC police that gets offended by any noun less than 3 syllables.

  6. Azhi Dahaki

    I am neither a conservative nor a Christian but I support the school banning yoga pants. School dress should be held to a higher standard than street dress. Pajamas are fucking comfy, you don’t wear them to school or work or important events. There is a time and place for yoga pants and an institution of learning is not it. It’s not sexist to ask students to dress for the occasion.

    1. Eva Campbell

      When I go to work I plan to dress “professionally” because you actually need to make a good impression, to be taken seriously in your chosen profession so you can survive. In school that is not the case. I will continue to dress comfortably so that I can focus on what I’m learning instead of fidgeting uncomfortably in a dress suit. You’re being very childish and I’m convinced your a troll, so I will not write back after this. Have a nice evening.  

    2. Eva Campbell

      Hate to break it to you but that’s how high school is for most people, at least where I live. Maybe it’s just my specific school, but it’s basically a joke. That’s not to say that all of the stuff they teach isn’t worthwhile, but quite a bit of it most definitely is.

    3. Eva Campbell

      No, clothes do not have an impact with learning. In fact I would have a harder time learning if I were wearing something more “professional” that is almost always uncomfortable. Also Speedos do not equal yoga pants.

    4. Eva Campbell

      It’s a professional environment for the teachers because it’s their job, their profession, what they chose to do with their lives. To students, it’s basically a daycare center where most of the time you don’t learn anything worthwhile anyway. That’s at least how high school is.

  7. pow20o9

    I can understand the ban to one degree, ive seen too many girls in my High School wear black yoga pants or leggings and bright pink underwear… I say just match your colours better and it will all be fine

    1. Druidlogic

      We should also have them ban bikinis while we’re at it, most of them are far more salacious then underwear. My Victorian Era sensibility wouldn’t be able to handle it if I saw a woman who dresses scantily clad in public.

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