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TENA Men | Active Fit Pants

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Stirling Gravitas and his buddy Fudo demonstrate how TENA Men Active Fit Pants keep control of urine leakage no matter what you’re doing. To find out more and get your free sample visit:

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  1. Shuai Ge

    I find that funny, but if an advertising was making fun of black or arabic the way they make fun of japanese here…. stupid people would scream saying it is racist…
    here it is about asian (who seldom complain) so nobody care…
    Wish nobody would care for any joke about any people whatever their color… not only about asian.

    1. TheChinization

      @Shuai Ge Well, I actually think it’s amazing how he can move despite the fact that he’s being that small and overweight. People who instantly think about racism in everything they see are a much bigger problem than a funny commercial.

    2. Shuai Ge

      heu… sorry the way they make him move… is to make fun of him… and make people laught… real martial art do not do these kind of stupid moves… and they choose in purpose someone a bit small and fat…

  2. gale soft

    That’s why we cannot say only Nazi was ruining the world. Before Hitler, there was UK/French/Spanish/Japanese Imperialism, where we think no UK ad will make “racist” fun of a French one because they are all white(I think the color is more soft-red) or black. But Tada, even Japan gets racist ads here. I have no idea how strong the ignorance and hate will be for Koreans, Viets etc.

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