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The Best Three Men’s Jeans for Athletic Thighs and Butt

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Can men with bigger thighs and butts wear skinny jeans? See the best three jeans for muscular legs and seats. Find the best jeans for your lower figure body type.

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  1. Bobzeda

    Try Mavi jeans for guys with muscular legs and butt (“matt cut for big legs and “max” cut for huge legs). Oh, and this model isn’t really all that muscular. I play rugby–huge legs and butt.

    1. Leah Judson

      I’m struggling to see my boyfriend wearing any of these. I’ve been on the hunt for some good jeans/pants that won’t tear through the back because the thighs are too tight. Any suggestions? I agree with @mistersarajevo this guy is slim and these examples aren’t suffice for someone who has more of a bodybuilder physique.

  2. stockjonebills

    Can these really fit an athletic man or these really made for a 14 year old boy. For us guys with athletic or bigger thighs I recommend checking out TOmmy Bahama jeans authentic fit or for monster athletic thighs barbell jeans

  3. Komrade Kitten

    I’ve got massive thighs so my jeans always end up ripping in the inside uppermost portion of my thighs. It always seems to happen when I sit. Any suggestions on finding jeans that will fit me?

    1. Reachel Bagley

      +Jordan Brummond I would start with a slightly relaxed cut. What might be baggy on others will still be tailored on you. I would experiment with Levi’s if you haven’t already, they have both a 550 and a 541 cut. It totally depends on how large your thighs are compared to your calves, but it’s a great place to start. Let me know if you find anything that works great for you. I appreciate you watching.

  4. Reachel Bagley

    The first pair (AG Matchbox) is definitely the tightest.  However, the Joe Brixton and 7 For All Makind Straight are quite a bit more relaxed.  My model actually owns several pairs of Brixton and loves them.  If you like AG’s styles and fabrics, and would like a more relaxed fit, I would recommend the Protege.  Thanks for watching!

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