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Too Fat for Yoga Pants?

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TSA takes sock monkeys gun, Lululemon founder is an A-hole, and the MIMI foundation changes lives— Its OBVIOUS-LEE NEWS!!!
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  1. BullShitThat

    I’m sorry, but some girls really are too fat to be wearing yoga pants. It doesn’t matter the material, there will always be limit on how much tension you can place on said material, before it starts becoming translucent. If your yoga pants are see through, it means you’ve reached this limit, and your pants have become too small due to ware and tear, OR you are just too fat for that size of yoga pants to begin with.

  2. RichyBabess

    I think it’s quite possible that women were doing that thing they do where they refuse to wear clothes that are actually their size, so of course if you wear yoga pants that are too small they’re going to be a bit see through.

    1. Lexie Lou

      Their yoga pants are actually just see-through. Overpriced junk, if you ask me.
      But I hate seeing girls wearing too-tight leggings. They sheer out around the bum to the point they might as well not be wearing anything! Smh

    2. Tierra Isbell

      @Keenan Smith  “in reality its more like healthy status shaming..and a good type of encouragement at that.”
      Shaming someone for their health status is not a good thing. It’s none of your business if someone is unhealthy, unless they ask you for health tips. And no one asked you.

    3. RichyBabess

      I was kinda just joking, just to be clear, though tbh I don’t think most yoga pants these days are actually made for yoga. 

      This is a thing that women do, though, more than they would generally admit.

    4. The Generational Wealth Guy

      @AlexisDanaan It’s not that I’m uniformed and perfectly understand that yeah the CEO is not owning up to his mistake with the see-through product. I was just adding on that on top of that, ladies should consider what I said previously as the reasons are a plethora too many to count.

  3. Scott Schelp

    Lee, maybe what he said was a bit insensitive for a public forum but there seems to be a rampant issue with “yoga pants abuse”. Some people should just not wear them in the same way as I should never squeeze into skinny jeans. It just is decency.  

  4. AJ Zebadua

    Lululemon is a great Canadian company, Chip Wilson is an embarrassment to Canada though. And for what Lululemon has morphed into (younger women and girls wearing them to clubs and such), the company seems to passively embrace the wearing of their active leggings as regular trousers. Unfortunately, still the most comfortable trousers I own.

  5. BfoSHIZnats

    I think it’s more plausible that fat people were wearing pants that were too small for them and therefore they were stretching and becoming see through.  I’ve never seen a regular weighted person wearing see through pants.

  6. LeftyBlue

    The tiny gun being confiscated is super ridiculous.  The security agents threatened to call the police.  I would have been like, “Go ahead.  When they see that you are trying to take away a tiny CLEARLY toy gun, they will roll their eyes and walk away”

    1. LeftyBlue

      @***** LOL My feeling is that the “go ahead” would call their bluff.  They aren’t REALLY going to call the cops.  They know that they would be laughed out of town if the cops came over and saw security wasted their time with the nonsense.  No flight missed and ridiculousness avoided.

  7. Sezgesh

    Ever notice that when you stretch something it gets lighter and more transparent, just like when a balloon gets thinner (from being stretched) it also gets lighter. That excuse makes perfect sense, and if they were really that see-through without being stretched then they would easily notice it before buying it.

  8. Blakobness

    Don’t yoga pants have, I don’t know….sizes?  Shouldn’t you be wearing the pants that fit your size category instead of squeezing into something obviously too small for you and then commenting the fabric is too thin?

    1. krim7

      Many high end shops increase the size of the clothing they sell but at the same time leave the tag unchanged. This gets a lot of people used to thinking “I’m an X” even though they are actually a Y.
       So when people go in and buy a size X and its stretched so taught it is see through, the people are obviously flummoxed and flabbergasted.

    2. Elena D'Amico

      Yeah, but the problem was that despite charging outrageous prices for their pants, they used poor quality materials. My brother’s girlfriend is a size 2 or 4, so she is pretty small, and the pants were see-through on her. 

    1. renoloverxoxo

      That’s what the patriarchy WANTS you to think…
      But yeah, buying clothing as a woman is really hard as hell. Buying dresses takes me forever because I’m broad hipped, tall, and small chested, so I generally have to have them taken in at the top…

    2. mobiussquadron

      @*****  “should be able to wear whatever the hell they want in public and not get weird looks”   Should be , and are able to are two very different things. I agree with you, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.  If you want to wear yoga pants that’s fine, but you have to understand that if you do so you are wearing something inherently sheer and form fitting, and by doing so you basically agree to get looks (particularly by guys).  I agree the human body shouldn’t be a taboo, but that is part of the culture we live in, and as far as that goes, it will not change anytime soon.

      People (especially guys) like looking at bodies. Guys have access to tons of porn, it isn’t like they haven’t seen the female figure before,  yet they still look. Being taboo doesn’t have anything to do with that really.

    3. Rachel Shaw

      @mobiussquadron I understand where you’re coming from, but seriously people should be able to wear whatever the hell they want in public and not get weird looks. People need to realize that the human body is natural and it shouldn’t be taboo. I don’t do yoga, but I still wear yoga pants because they are so comfortable and you can wear them basically anywhere that doesn’t require you to dress fancy. 

    4. M1k3y

      Hold on, still getting my head around there being a method to the women’s size madness…

      That said, let me assure you there’s no patriarchal master plan to prevent women from wearing pants.

  9. RedShirtSmith

    That Buzz Lightyear coke joke was incredibly subtle and hilarious! For those who didn’t catch it: Tim Allen, who voiced Buzz Lightyear, went to jail for selling coke before he started acting.

  10. EverydaySkeptic

    I’m having an equally mixed reaction to that cancer patient thing.  You know what else distracts people from life? Roller coasters, drugs, and sex, but you don’t see me poppin terminals full of ex an blowin em on Kingda Ka.  Yeah I suppose their way was better.   (I have equally mixed feelings about this comment) Merry Chr- …Happy Holidays! (Wouldn’t want to be politically incorrect)

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