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Ultimate Guide To Gray Flannel Trousers | Why Men Need Grey Flannel Pants

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Fred Astaire wore them.

So did Sean Connery in the famous Bond film, Dr. No.

The classic gray flannel pant is a staple of the well-dressed man. Even more than a navy blue blazer. They form a foundation for your wardrobe.

They are the least used and most versatile item of clothing a man can own.

The choice of cricketers in England because of their versatility and suitability for the weather there – gray flannel pants were made famous by returning GIs.

Modern fashion has not given them the place of prominence they deserve, relegating flannel trousers to something an older gentleman would favor.

Gray flannel trousers should be the first, perhaps even second and third pair of pants you should buy.


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  1. Clarisse Ringwald

    Thank you Antonio.  I especially like the information about custom made quality and even though up front the cost is expensive, but with the numbers of wears you received, more cost effective!

    1. Nice Trade

      +Real Men Real Style iam interested in a pair of pants, actually 2 pairs, dark & light grey ;^)

      but i prefer the more wool “fuzzy” texture canvas, not the flat & shiny type like Polyester blend etc, size 30 “waist” by 32 “length” :^)

    1. Real Men Real Style

      +SGT MP40 fill out this form and I’ll share with you my project to create the PERFECT pair of Grey Flannel Trousers (and give you first dibs to purchase them at a great price!) https://atailoredsuit.wufoo.com/forms/q21ichm1klxknw/

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