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“We Sell Wedding Gowns, Not Pageant Dresses!” | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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This bride's aunt and mom want very different things for her, which might lead to a chaotic shopping day.

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    1. •BêdPøtâtø• ._.

      To everyone in the replies:

      It doesn’t matter what either of their sexualities are or if both of them do or don’t have kids. “Chemistry” between two people doesn’t always mean a relationship as a couple type of way. It can also mean a best friend type of friendship.

    1. Lauren T

      @Robyn Ballew can I ask how many did you try before you found the one? I got engaged last month, and like some dresses I’ve seen online, but I know they may not suit me. I think I’d want to try on different styles just to see what might suit me 😁

  1. Judith Neeley

    The bride should have gone ahead and bought the dress she wanted. It was her mother’s role to put her aunt in her place – in a nice way, but firmly. The aunt ruined the appointment – and thus the memory of this experience.

    1. Calliope0954

      Macy, you are right – next shopping trip, go by yourself – it’s YOU getting married, It’s YOUR choice it’s YOUR day, auntie B*** be damned. Glue her mouth shut if you have to, send her with the groom and his attendants to criticize their choice of tux or suit. auntie thinks she’s an expert fashionista? 40 years ago, maybe – but NOT for you, and certainly not for your gown choice.

    1. drmayeda1

      Wanna bet? She’s probably going to have her nose in their lives. The only way to avoid it is moving to another part of the country, 5 or 6 hours away limited airport support.

    2. amstergal

      @Remiel t. The bride talked about it during the intro., that’s what I was talking about. She said her Aunt helped to raise her….and whatever the circumstances were the Bride”s Mother is afraid to speak her mind to her own sister who I bet has been a controlling person since way back…

  2. Eliška Hudečková

    She was absolutely stunning in the last gown, it was just a perfect match for her body shape, it was just so pretty! I would have punched that aunt into the face for holding this beaitiful young lady back! I’m just suprised she has been married ONLY twice, what an awful person it is!

    1. _ HuffleProud _

      Anne yeah, that’s the type of dress that shouldn’t have a belt because it just chops it up, and that belt was way too thick and gaudy anyways. They should have put her into a beaded dress with a similar shape if she wanted sparkle, but the belt really ruined the dress and hid her beautiful figure.

    1. Pumba Power

      tender juicy 100% agree. It makes me both sad and furious when people think it’s ok to do something like that; especially when it’s for a special occasion. It’s a gift not a sentence to debt.

    2. Pumba Power

      Even if she were paying for it or contributing some payment. It doesn’t give her the right to pick the dress.

      If you are going to gift someone money, don’t ask for it back, either gift it from you heart and just be there as support or don’t bother doing it at all. It shouldn’t be held over someone’s head.

      So messed up.

    1. Kate J

      @Sarah Cook thanks so much 💕 I’m doing really well (separated for 18 months), & loving my new life. My ex & I are good friends to the point of talking about the people we’ve both recently started dating! He’s a good man…I will never regret marrying him – but he is definitely a city guy, & I am definitely a country girl 😊 Thanks again for your kind words x

    2. Sarah Cook

      Kate J I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. But after you get divorced the worst will be over and you can move on (eventually, not immediately) with someone who you are more compatible with. Good luck 🙂

    3. Kate J

      I’m torn – I say “no I’m not”, but I’m also getting divorced this month 😂 I guess my divorce is amicable though, as we realised we are just different, rather than one of us being the “baddy”

    1. ktgbw

      @Bethany Runyon Kind of why I just brought my mother in law. My mother couldn’t be there and my mother in law was only there. My mother in law wasn’t pushy or anything and overall it was a great experience.

    2. Bethany Runyon

      I worked in a bridal shop and a co-worker asked a lady to leave and she ATTACKED us online for 6 MONTHS and it was over a prom dress! Not even a wedding dress! As cruel as it sounds, it’s up to the girls to be careful about who you bring. Never feel obligated to bring anyone who doesn’t put YOU first.

    3. Valerie Osborne

      Usually they put the veil on and the bride gets her way. I liked the mother’s choice and the girl’s choice. I did not like the aunty’s choice. They probably did not invite the aunty, she probably heard they were going and just barged in. Her mother liked it. Next time just take your mother and sister. Sister did not even get a look in.

    1. Joyce Blodgett

      Oh, please don’t disparage cows! They’re such gentle creatures, and don’t deserve to be put in the same category as this woman. She’s more of a vicious old sow, cause pigs are known to devour anything put in front of them.

    1. Amanda M

      When I went I took four incredibly wonderful and supportive women. And who was the one who wrecked my experience? My consultant. I bought a dress and then realized how much I hated it. So I went to another shop, by myself, to get a second one. And the whole experience there was so tainted by the first. I was surprised at how much that stayed with me. Standing up for yourself against aholes is crucial.

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