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Pronovias | Bridal Spring 2020 | Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

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    1. C. Lee

      No, it was horrible camera work. This should have been pre-planned where to be focused and when to get front and back of all the dresses properly, but they missed around every eighth dress or so.

    1. Nesseire

      @lawomann Yeah, the one with the fountains and the one with the “magic garden” were caotic. I understand they have to be original, but that is not an excuse for the bad camerawork and bad edition.

  1. Rebecca Stratton

    This is the most classically structured presentation of Bridal gowns I have seen to date. Any woman would set a stunning stage at her wedding. The movement of the gowns is wonderful. They hold their shape and train behind beautifully. Even the bodices look comfortable. Love the presentation and the perfect music. Stunning!

    1. Marija Misir

      @inbetween 1-0 That’s a pretty disgusting and archaic way to look at marriage. Women are not “packages” or “gifts” to be unwrapped. They are human beings. Who, I would hope, aren’t only valued by their husbands because they feel physical ownership of their bodies.

    2. Anthony Yusef

      @Eileen McDonald My research is complete; my findings is you’re a clown. That collection however beautiful looks like something to worn on a red carpet. The “color” aspect wasn’t even the crux of my opinion. I’m almost certain that white is the traditional color of weddings. I could be wrong..

    1. Josie Posie

      @Sarah holland Can’t stand the sheer cut outs or nude overlaids, but I do like illusion necklines and backs!

      Ballgowns are still in style or ar least a-line skirts like that worn by Kate Middleton. And before you say she wore that several years ago, she set a trend for a more traditional return to wedding gowns with sleeves.

      The OP is correct, some of these gowns don’t even give off a wedding vibe.

    2. Sarah holland

      There’s not just one style or silhouette for bridal any more . Ballgowns are out of fashion, it’s becoming more modern & following catwalk trends . For example, sheer cut outs or nude overlaid with detail is popular now.

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